Dear The Landry Hat

For everyone out there that didn’t know the Giants and Patriots are in the Super Bowl, I am here to tell you they are. But if you have even flipped past ESPN on your tv or ESPN2, or MSG, or NESN, or the NFL Network, or you have even connected to the internet or seen a newspaper you would have already known this.

With 14 days between the NFC and AFC Championships, the Super Bowl becomes overplayed, overhyped, and ends up being a let down for fans not directy associated with a team playing in the game. So since every sports outlet in the world continues to analyze every last detail from the starting QBs to the choices of Gatorades for both clubs in their respective locker rooms, I thought I was give readers a break at least until a couple days before gametime and talk about other things football related, which brings me to my previous post, which called me out for not reporting Giants/Patriots, 24/7, 365.

Tony Romo is a big icon in the game of football, correct? And he plays for the Dallas Cowboys who happen to be division rivals with the Giants, correct? So when Tony Romo has every football analyst eating up his every footstep, I am obviously going to take the chance to poke fun at the celebrity QB. This is a sports blog after all isn’t it? And what is more fun than stirring controversy with the rival.

Now our good friend Dan from The Landry Hat, the Dallas Cowboys blog, did not appreciate the post about Tony Romo in the least bit. He hated it so much that he took the time to post a comment rant that is 744 words. Not only does Dan rip my sarcastic post, he rips the Giants, my writing abilities, and the blog’s integrity as well.

Dan starts his comment by saying he is not sure what I am talking about when I clearly state in the opening that the post is the breakdown of Tony Romo’s breakdown, his rise and fall over the past year. Pretty easy to understand, easy enough for a 33-year old journalist covering government and politics I would think.

I label the highlights of Tony’s young career as a starter as well as the negative aspects, but for some reason I must have not been clear enough that while there is praise for Romo and his quick jump to stardom, it is outweighed by his poor decisions. So, in light of not being able to comprehend simple English, Dan uses adjectives such as “assfuzz,” “retarded,” “jerkass,” “dink,” and “supergay” to describe me and my choice of words.

For reporting that T.O. told the media that Jessica Simpson was the cause for Romo’s bad play in the regular season game and that she was not a fan favorite in the locker room, Dan claims, “You are a scumbag liar here.” I guess every sports journalist, reporter, and anchor is also a scumbag liar. What a horrible industry.

After I included Romo’s 5 INT game, Dan fought back with, “Most people who throw 5ints give up. Like faggot Eli Manning, who has Troy Dilfer stats.” I was unaware that Eli Manning was a faggot and Troy Dilfer might be a person somewhere, but he doesn’t play in the NFL. Troy Smith and Trent Dilfer do however. Also for the record, Eli Manning has never thrown 5 INTs in one game. You know what he has done though? He has won postseason games and oh yeah he is playing in the huge sporting event that everyone in the world watches and tickets to it cost thousands of dollars. Oh right, the Super Bowl.

Possibly my favorite part of Dan’s evaulation of my post is his comment regarding T.O. crying in his press conference following the disappointing loss to the Giants. “This is called teamwork. This is called team chemistry. You should know what it is like to have a team with chemistry. You have one now. But we all know, we all do, that the NY Giants are not the better team. Dallas just didn;t have the right coaching schemes for this game. This was a coaching problem.” So, let me get this straight T.O. crying for Tony Romo is teamwork? I thought teamwork was working together to win games, to win championships. I could be wrong. And I thought the better team usually wins the game? Going by Dan’s theory the Patriots are 0-18 and the Cowboys have won a playoff game in the past decade. But T.O. did it because he loves Tony Romo and not because he is a nutjob. I mean this isn’t a guy who has fought with every coaching staff he has played for, called one of his QBs gay (Jeff Garcia), held out so he wouldn’t have to play with another one (Donovan McNabb), and was also involved in an attempted suicide story last year. Judging by this resume, T.O. is not only the definition of a team player, but he is overall a nice guy.

Dan proceeds to say, “Neil, who didn’t blog on this site for two weeks while his team was running through the playoffs in stellar fashion. You playing golf? You’re one of those golf shirt kids, right> Light sky blue golf shirt guys?”

I did a little research and the longest period of time I did not blog was 11 days from December 18-December 29. If you haven’t looked at the calendar that is the holiday season, but it also happens to be my girlfriend’s birthday, so I was away and without internet access. I believe the playoffs also start in January, so I am not sure how I missed two weeks when my team was “running through the playoffs in stellar fashion,” when the regular season was still going on. But yeah Dan, it is nice to see my team going through the playoffs and not doing the old one and done routine. I think from now on when a #1 seeded team is eliminated in their first playoff contest, it should be called A Landry Hat.

I do this blog for fun and to give Giants fan and football fans something different to read. This blog is not my job, though I have two and am still an undergraduate in college, so when I have some free time I post. I don’t have the life of 33-year old Dan, who’s professional journalism career must be blossoming judging by the amount of time and effort, he can put into a comment and not even a post for his site. Stop by The Landry Hat if you want to catch up on where Darren McFadden might go, since you know that story isn’t overplayed.

Dan is the reason Cowboys fan are prejudged as a certain stereotype. A bitter, embarrassed fan who is devastated his team, the NFC’s top ranked couldn’t even win a single playoff game, that he has to tell himself they were the better team until next September when they will once again be a great regular season show. But once that calendar turns and they fold like a lawnchair in next year’s postseason, maybe Dan can join Wade Phillips in the unemployment line.

I don’t play golf and I don’t wear golf shirts. I don’t even like the color light blue and I am not sure if light sky blue is even a color.

But, I do know one thing. The only thing worse than the Dallas Cowboys is their fans.

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  • ThelandryHat

    I enjoyed that. Good luck next week, Neil.  But you never did answer the question of whether you’re one of those light-blue golf-shirt wearing guys. I think you are.

  • Ian-Inside the Iggles

    ‘from now on when a #1 seeded team is eliminated in their first playoff contest, it should be called A Landry Hat’LOLOLOL^^^OMG He just killed you Dan LOLI’m gonna stay on Neil’s good side, because I don’t want a "Dear Inside the Iggles" post.

  • http://thelandryhat,com thelandryhat

    Oh, this drove viewers to my site. I am thankful. He is just mad that I made him look bad. He makes this goofy post about Tony Romo sucking and I countered it with honesty and facts. He can brag all he wants about Eli winning 2 playoffs games now, but how long did it take him? This was Romo’s first full season. So, Neil and I will have pissing matches. And Neil will lose most.

  • danegr

    haha "I mean this isn’t a guy who has fought with every coaching staff" should i remind you of last year with the giants and their coaching staff? TO does in fact love TR. He respects Tony which he has never anyone else, BESIDES steve young when he was with teh 49ers, Donnovan is going nowhere, and Jeff is not either. Tony is better QB a better person, and a better athlete than both of them. The Giants did not beat the Cowboys, the Cowboys beat the Cowboys. Must I remind you of Anthony Fason’s DROPPED TD pass, Craytons drop on 3rd down, AND Crayton’s stutter that prevent a sure TD as he had the DB beat… Notice how none of those names were Tony? And must I also remind you alos, that of Eli’s TD he had one trown it was to Amani and that was only a TD becasue the Cowboys made mistakes and 3 guys didn’t tackle him. Toomer is not a break tackle receiver it was a mistake on the Cowboys part. The Giants didn’t beat the Cowboys, Cowboys beat themselves. Also, one of the best QB’s in history lost his first 3 playoff games.. Peyton Manning. So get off Tony he is 27 and will dominate this league in the coming years. In 5, I say he will be the best QB in the NFL…

  • Redskins Guy

    The big problem is the Romo post was about two weeks too late. I know when the Cowboys lost to the giants, I checked this site regularly hoping to join in on the Cowboys bashing. But so much has happened since then that it feels like Neil is playing catchup. Sure, running these things are for fun, but when your team has miraculous victories and several days go by before you even aknowledge the win, that’s a sign of a dead site.  How long does it take to write a two paragraph post to let the fans of this site start talking trash or making comments of their own?  You’re not wrong about Landry being a homer with a man-crush on Tony Romo.  But at least he’s active on his own site.  I have fun there, much to his dismay. How can you expect other people to put in the effort to read your blog when you’re apparently too busy to do it yourself?

  • Slimjimzv

    Ok, a couple of things I want throw in here.  Let me start by saying that, yes, I am a die hard Cowboys fan, but I feel I am a pretty level headed one.  One of my good friends is an intense Redskins fan, and we often have good open conversations about the status of our teams.  I honestly try to evaluate both the positives and negatives about my ‘boys.That being said, and ignoring many of the irrelevant points (the whole Jessica Simpson story is made for tabloids and has nothing to do with football imo), I don’t think that anyone who really watched that game can say that Romo lost the game.  I can count three touchdowns that were dropped or lost that had nothing to do with him. . THREE. . .Think about that.  If Fasano catches the ball, Crayton catches the ball and Crayton runs out his route at the end of the game, Romo has four touchdowns and zero interceptions.  Everyone would be raving about what an incredible job he did, and the whole Jessica story would be forgotten.Instead, his receivers let him down.  He made some incredible plays, and put Dallas in a position to win despite the fact that the Giants were putting intense pressure on him on EVERY play in the late 3rd and 4th quarters.  To say that his performance was, in any way, short of brilliant is either ill-advised, or simply an attempt to take shots at the guy.  Hey, if that’s what you want to do, I’m fine with it, but at least be honest about your intentions.  You don’t like him or his stardom, so you take the opportunity to redicule him when the team loses.  Frankly, I’d be willing to bet that many (if not most) Giants fans would trade Eli for Romo in a heartbeat.  And I’m not here to bash Eli, who has done an awesome job since the last week of the season, but that’s just it. . .where has he been up to this point, and can he continue to keep his team in games?I’m not interested in the bashing, or the fight between sites, but I DO get annoyed when people try and espouse an opinion based on pure emotion as fact.  If you don’t like the guy, then state all the ways that you don’t like him. . but don’t expect your views to be taken as seriously as those who express open and honest opinions that relate to performance on the field without stooping to tabloid gossip.

  • thelandryhat

    You know I love you, Neil, right?

  • Mike M

    damn cant believe i agree with the ‘Skins guy then again washingtons best player ever washington is from my hometown so we should like eachother

  • Redskins Guy

    And also, I know everything and I’m always right!  See what happens when someone agrees with me? My ego is getting so big that it’s going to apply for statehood soon.