New York Giants' Tom Coughlin - Big Blue Controversy Or Yellow Journalism?

As I perused this morning’s headlines I found something that kicked up my dander, put a bee in my bonnet, ruffled my feathers, jerked a knot in my tail, aka made me angry. I find it only fitting to express my frustration in a superfluous manner. Why, you ask? In my quest for an enthralling Sunday morning read I stumbled upon the proverbial straw and boy, is this camel’s back broke.

The “Is Tom Coughlin‘s Job In Jeopardy” pieces have been officially labelled as redundant, excessive, bombastic, inordinate, aka played out. My mind began to wonder, as it could not put a number on the amount of times it had glanced upon a similar headline. So, I did what any inquisitive newshound would do. I Googled it.

Much to my surprise, the search result turned up over 6,000 related articles. Over 6,000!! I truly thought that number would be higher. Then something mind blowing occurred, I saw the time frame and then the staggering factor hit. Over six thousand write ups in under a month? That’s completely ridiculous!

More and more we hear the New York Giants players, and even some of their organization, saying that Coughlin’s job is secure. Yet, “reporters” are still running these headlines and attempting to create fact out of fiction. It is yellow journalism in its purest form.

This sort of reckless “reporting” reared its ugly head earlier in the year. Remember when the media had Brandon Jacobs unhappy with the Giants franchise and wanted to be traded immediately? That was about as yellow as journalism could get.

What the reader must understand is that just because a proposal, accusation or statement is in print or on your computer screen does not mean that the piece in question is a valid and credible bit of writing. These columnists and correspondents use theatrical headlines to attract a reader in order to keep their jobs secure, even if it means spreading rumors about someone else losing theirs. Tom Coughlin is the current victim of this deplorable practice.

The real detriment of the myriad of Coughlin commentaries is not that these articles are sculpting the reader’s mind like clay but that these “reporters” are offhandedly jeopardizing a man’s livelihood. The human condition, unfortunately, reacts and responds to controversy and the dramatic more so than anything else. Visit any corner of the internet that publishes the news. Keep an eye on the subject matter and the amount of comments that readers leave. You will find that factious matters are the ones that get the most attention.

The subject of Tom Coughlin’s employment is one that hits close to home for Giants fans. Many believe that he is the man for the job. Others are calling for his head to be decapitated and replaced with Bill Cowher’s, likewise with the media.

There is no shortage of Big Blue comings and goings to write about. That is why it is hard to stomach the overabundance of this topic. I understand that people have opinions. This editorial is mine. However, where I take exception, is when a person or a group of people start trying to pass their OPINION off as gospel.

Everything that you have read on the internet or in print about Tom Coughlin’s job being in jeopardy has been the OPINION of the writer. It is an opinion that has been beaten to death. It continues to be completely speculative.

The “Coughlin’s Job In Jeopardy” horse is dead sports writers. Start the new year off right and find some FACTS to write about.

**Coughlin Photo source: Kathy Willens/Associated Press**

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