Questions Answered, At Least on This Day…

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Finally, I was most impressed by the preparedness of the players; offensively, defensively and on special teams. It is imperative that the coaches up their game and on this day they passed the test with flying colors. Players were ideally positioned on virtually every play; defensive play calling was impeccable, and the design and execution of their offense was a joy to watch.

Reese explains why so few free agents

Has Jerry Reese pulled another rabbit out the proverbial hat? Jacquian Williams, a rookie middle backer from South Florida, (not exactly a football mill) led the team with 10 tackles and exhibited a maturity and confidence not often present in newbies to the NFL, particularly at middle linebacker spot. Second year player Jason Pierre-Paul is becoming a bonafide star and a real monster at the defensive end position. Victor Cruz, a second year from UMass, but more like a rookie as he was injured all of last year, had a coming out party reminiscent of Austin Miles of Dallas 2 years ago against the Kansas City Chiefs. The emergence of unproven players is always a key element for a team to ascend to the level of contender. And that axiom was never so true as it is for the Giants, due to their well chronicled glut of injuries. At least for this day, a number of previously anonymous Giants came forth with quality performances and contributed mightily, leading to a victory for the NY Giants.

The Giants travel to Arizona next week to take on the Cardinals in a contest they expect to win. Of course the vicissitudes that are omnipresent in the NFL guarantees nothing and they could just as easily lay an egg. But for this day at least, I will savor this most unexpected win and embrace the advice as put forth by the biblical Isaiah: Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.

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