Despite Frustrating Loss, Can Giants Become Contender by December?

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Everyone has a plan until you get hit in the mouth.-Mike Tyson

Michael Boley gives chase at MetLife Stadium on October 9, 2011

The Giants, their fans, and the media had a plan. The Giants would go to 4-1 and be positioned nicely for their showdown next week with the surprising Bills. Well a funny thing happened on the way to that gaudy 4-1 record. Apparently the Seattle Seahawks were not read into that plan, came to the Meadowlands, or rather MetLife Stadium and beat the Giants 36-25. How could this happen? The Giants had ascended to 10th on the power rankings by the Mother Ship, the purveyor and omnipotent sage of all things sports, ESPN. They seemed like a team of destiny when for the second time in three weeks, an unheralded second year player from a division 1A college made another implausible catch, resulting in 7 points and the lead. Surely the Giants could not lose this game now? But lose they did, leaving all of us frustrated and wildly grasping for answers of this ignoble performance.

But was it really that surprising? The Giants came into the game having won three straight against teams with losing records. And in 2 of those games the Giants needed heroic 4th quarter comebacks to win. Even against the lowly Rams, the Giants never really dictated the game.

Do we know who the Giants are? At times they look like a true contender; precise in their offense, dominating on defense. Conversely and all too often, they seem emotionally detached from the game, lax in their tackling, porous on defense, and unable to execute their offense. The only real consistency the Giant’s have shown these past 5 weeks is their inconsistency.

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