The Dark Days of Summer

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I also like to play a season or two of Madden while pretending the real 2012 NY Giant season will play out exactly like my “video game” season does.  The season comes complete with audio commentary from a pretend announcing team in my head.  In Pat Summerall’s voice, “Eli Manning has picked up where he left off after Super Bowl XLVI…”  Since I’m playing Madden, I usually pretend Summerall and John Madden are calling the games.  In real life, they are still one of my all-time favorites.

In between games, there’s always the NFL Network.  Since this is a quiet time for all NFL teams, the NFL Network struggles a bit to fill 24 hours of television programming everyday.  You may find yourself watching programs with titles like, “Top 10 Games with Names,” and “Top 10 Weather Games.”  Why not?  They’re entertaining and they help pass the time.

Finally, I like to begin my preparation for fantasy football during this time.  There are already plenty of articles out there about various rankings and projections.  It’s also fun to read articles with titles like, “Best Wide Receiver and Quarterback Combos,” and “Top Sleepers and Busts for 2012.”  Of course most of these articles turn out as accurate as throwing a dart at a board, but they’re still fun.

If all goes well, just as I’m about to climb into a shallow grave because I can’t take it anymore, July 26 will be here and the New York Giants will be reporting to Albany.  Another close call.  Hang in there Giants fans.  Together we can get through this.

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