Sep 15, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) reacts on the sidelines during the fourth quarter of a game against the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium. The Broncos defeated the Giants 41-23. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Giants Facebook Re-Cap

During what turned into the worst Giants game since the 1970s, I noticed a fan post from someone on Facebook that went something like, “Watching the Facebook fan posts is more entertaining than watching this game.”  And I laughed, because that is exactly what I had been thinking at the moment.

So rather than rehash my disappointment, disgust, and all of the issues that seem to be building upon themselves as this team slips quickly to the bottom of the barrel in performance for the NFL 2013 season, I’ll share some of the game time posts today…

The best of the worst:


“The Giants Offensive Line couldn’t block a baby right now.”           ~ Giants Hall of Famer, Harry Carson

“Hey Giants!  Auditioning for the next season of The Walking Dead, ay?”  ~ yours truly, Ali

“Right now, they look like a high school team, trying to play in the NFL” ~ Mike Strahan (and might I add, if any of them want to consider taking some PEDs, consider a shot of Mike’s passion and energy and 60-minute commitment to success)

(as typed from the stands at the game) “So glad hubby took off so our team could suck together.”  ~ loyal fan, Laurie Boval Cagle (her husband is a Rams fan, but I would venture to say – her team sucked more)

“I have the perfect Halloween costume for the Giants Offensive Line… an Offensive Line (for a change)!”  ~yours truly, Ali

“(Before the game) we were on the suck waiting list… I think we have arrived” ~ Laurie Boval Cagle

“….hoping for Groundhog Day to kick in and I can wake up to do today all over again!!!”  ~ loyal fan, Dan Stewart (incidentally, a shout out to Dan and ALL of the UK Giants Fan Club who religiously stays up all night to watch this week after week.  You are loyal fans and you do not deserve to go to work like this tomorrow)

“I just stopped the DVR and erased what was recorded so far… it ain’t worth it!”  ~loyal fan, Thea M. Williams

“Can the old Coughlin make a comeback cause this team has no discipline.  I wanna see fines and players getting benched.  That face isn’t red enough.  Time to start cracking heads.”  ~ loyal fan, Ribbed Xd

“I can tackle better and I can’t freaking walk.” ~ Laurie Boval Cagle


“The Giants Offensive Line is offensive!!!  Geez!!”  ~ Mike Strahan

“The Giants are getting zero pressure on Cam Newton.  Their approach to the read-option is incredibly passive.” ~ Giants reporter, Ebenezer Samuel (kind of like the looks on Tuck and JPP’s faces on the sideline)

“This team looks cooked.”  ~ Giants reporter, Art Stapleton

“If you’re not listening to Carl Banks on the radio call of the Giants game, you should.”  ~ Giants reporter, Tom Rock, Newsday

(On Tom’s comment) “Best part of the game, by far…” ~  Giants reporter, Ralph Vacchiano

“This is comedy.  This is shameless.  This is literally comedy.” ~ Giants legend and Giants announcer, Carl Banks on WFAN


“Not watching this anymore… If I wanted to watch the Jags, I’d move to Fla.  Disgusting.  No heart, no desire to win.  Have some pride in the uniform you’re wearing Giants.”  ~ loyal fan who has already bought tickets from NJ to San Diego for the game in December, Dawn Isoldi

“The Giants quit.  SMDH”  ~ loyal fan living in California also with tickets to the San Diego game, Manny Cepeda

“I’m so disappointed. My team looks horrible.  This may be our season.. Giants have no passion.  I’m still going to love me GMEN but the truth is being revealed.  Our season may be done.”  ~ loyal fan, Deonizia DeMedeiros (and believe me, this girl does not give up on her teams)

“Eli Manning sacked for the 7th time as the Giants complete their 20th play for 0 or negative yardage.”  ~ Giants 101

“The Panthers have flat-out beaten the Giants into submission.  There is no fire.  No heart.  No desire.  Hands on hips, counting the clock.”  ~ Giants 101

“O-Line is trying to break record for most sack on a QB.”  ~ loyal fan, Donna Grey (who traveled from NJ to NC for this game)

“Ali, don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve seen the Giants this dismal. Wow!”  ~ tweeted to me by a kind hearted, Packer and dedicated football fan (I can tell you it was probably sometime in the 70s – a LONG TIME AGO)

“By the end of this game, the score will look like The Canes vs Savanna final!  Wait.  Savanna scored 7 points!  (77-7)”  ~ yours truly, Ali

“Can’t remember the last time I turned off a Giants game.”  ~ loyal fan, Peter Campbell

“I bet if Troy Aikman was commentating he’d be gloating right about now.”  ~loyal fan, Manny Ramos (of course I think Manny said that in the 3rd quarter.  I think Troy would have been gloating for 3 quarters by then…)

“The Jaguars are licking their lips and looking at the calendar only to be disappointed they don’t play the Giants this season.”  ~ loyal fan and dedicated American serviceman, Robert E Carter Sr.

“Can I puke on a Panthers fan?”  ~ Laurie Boval Cagle (while sitting in the stadium for the entire game)

“I think we were lucky to get 0.”  ~ loyal fan in the UK, Duncan Holden (who also stays up all night to watch every game, and sits glued to every iota of Giants news he can get)

“Life’s just not as good when our team lets us down.  As my son would say, they’re ‘poopie heads’.”  ~ loyal football fan and friend, Kristie Day

“I know Giants fans have been asking for the team to be consistent, but we didn’t mean consistently crap.” ~ Duncan Holden, UK

“Has a team with a 0-16 record ever made it to the playoffs?”  ~Duncan Holden, UK

“The most disappointing thing today for me is that after the week Coughlin had… they couldn’t show one ounce of heart for him…”  ~ Dawn Isoldi

“That was the worst I’ve seen them play… well, since last Sunday anyway.”  ~  Duncan Holden, UK


“Way to pick up the coach guys.  That was stand up – you should all be proud.”  ~ loyal fan, Joseph R. Gannascoli Jr. – otherwise known as Vito Spattafore, from The Sopranos, and on that note…

Cut to black.

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