Larry Donnell: 3 Big Things

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Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

3. The Ways He Can Improve

There are three things that Donnell struggled with in the 2014 season. Donnell’s most frustrating problem was that he couldn’t hold on to the football sometimes. Donnell had four fumbles last season. What was the problem? I think this is mostly inexperience. Fumbling is a problem that can be coached out of a player. Whether he isn’t securing the ball after the reception or just doesn’t know when to give up on a play, teaching and reinforcing proper technique can solve the biggest ailment to Donnell’s game.

Donnell also needs to become a tougher blocker. The tight end position may be becoming more and more like the receiver position but the tight end is still asked to play an important role in blocking. The Giants offensive line struggled to run block, but they didn’t get much help from Donnell who is kind of a passive blocker. Donnell needs to toughen up a bit. But toughness isn’t the only reason a tight end may struggle with blocking. This too can be corrected with proper coaching and can be improved by experience.

Donnell also needs to be come a better route runner. The Giants offense is very much reliant on players being where they are supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there. One of the biggest signs of bad route running is inconsistent production as a receiver. By not running great routes, Donnell puts himself out of position to make a play.

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