Jon Beason: 3 Big Things

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Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

2. The Impact He Has On The Defense:

I told you that Beason is a great player and the numbers back it up. Beason had over 100 tackles in his first four seasons with the Carolina Panthers. In 2013 the Giants saw how good Beason still was. Beason had 93 tackles and an interception in 12 games with the team. You can’t beat that kind of production from an interior linebacker.

When healthy, Beason is a tackling machine. One of the reasons the Giants struggled to stop the run last season was because they didn’t have Beason for most of the season. Beason quickly diagnoses plays with his high football IQ and therefore he often meets the running back behind the line of scrimmage. Beason is an aggressive player who plays reckless and fearlessly despite being victim to the game’s brutality several times in his career.

Beason leads by example. He is the heart of the defense and the quarterback of the defense. Beason is almost like a coach on the field. He is the difference between the Giants succeeding and failing going into the 2015 season. He is capable in coverage as well and he can stay on the field on third downs.

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