New York Giants: Is Rueben Randle A Breakout Candidate?


The talk of the 2014 New York Giants’ season was all about Odell Beckham. Beckham was nothing short of phenomenal last year. He widely overshadowed Rueben Randle’s own little breakout year. Randle’s breakout year was much more important to the Giants than most people would think. Even though he lacks consistency, he is a very underrated player. Rueben Randle is surely somebody to keep your eyes on this season.

Randle boasted 71 receptions for 938 passing yards and three touchdowns last season. Compared to the 611 yards in 2013, that is considered a breakout year to me. Given, most of this was due to the fact that Victor Cruz was injured. It’s safe to say that he competed for snaps with Beckham pretty well based on these stats. What Randle gained in yards he lacked in touchdowns, so it wasn’t an all around success for him.

Spending a second year in Ben McAdoo’s offense will only do Randle some good. Now he has to compete with Cruz returning to the offense and Corey Washington exploding onto the scene. He is receiving competition from all ends of the wide receiving roster. If he still manages to find ways to succeed, even in this competitive lineup, he’s the real deal.

My prediction is that Randle will step up and strive in his second year of the Giants’ new offense. He will take advantage of the Cruz situation and make some big plays for Eli Manning. In addition, Randle’s yards will decrease due to the volume of receiving talent, but he will become a touchdown machine.

Prediction: 62 receptions for 850 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns

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