If New York Giants keep Eli Manning – his successor should be found

New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur said he wanted Eli Manning back as his quarterback this season, but Big Blue general manager Dave Gettleman wasn’t as committed to Manning

Everything is speculation at this point, but it’s fair to speculate that the New York Giants are strongly considering bringing Eli Manning back. Gettleman later hedged his bet by suggesting that he’s also looking to draft Manning’s successor, given the chance.

Many reports floated around that indicated Oklahoma’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Kyler Murray was too small for Big Blue’s liking. Maybe Gettleman was posturing, but at his presser, he opened the door to draft Murray through his comments.

It is believed however that Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins is more to the Giants liking. Gettleman opened the door to drafting Murray or Haskins by brining up the Kansas City Chiefs. For the unfamiliar, Manning would mentor a young rookie signal-caller like veteran Alex Smith did with Patrick Mahomes in KC.

Gettleman said at his press conference, per the team’s official website:

“The Kansas City model really worked well.”

It won’t be easy to replicate the Chiefs success, but the New York Giants have a chance to do it. They possess the No. 6 overall pick in this NFL Draft.

Eli Manning is a franchise great and a future Hall of Famer, and the Giants don’t want him going out on a down note. But wins at the Meadowlands have been few and far between, and they have to at least acknowledge that Manning won’t play forever.

For his part, Manning can still make most throws, and if the Giants offensive line and defense improves, he might even be able to win more games in 2019. The G-Men averaged the most point per game of any NFC East team, and Manning played well late in the season.

That still doesn’t mean the Giants should pass on the position in this draft. They gambled passing on a quarterback last year and that gamble could pay off if they’re able to land Haskins or Murray.

If either rookie lands in New York, he will inherit Odell Beckham, Saquon Barkley, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram and Nate Solder already in place. If the Giants keep Manning, the new quarterback would also get the benefit of watching, listening and learning from the veteran.

With the Giants having the sixth pick, it’s no guarantee that either Haskins or Murray will be available. In terms of attributes, Haskins is more of the typical pocket passer, but he’s very smart and knows the game very well.

The diminutive Murray is an athletic phenom with a rocket arm, who is described as undersized, but also has some amazing attributes. Many have said Murray is 5-9, but he measured in at the combine at 5-10 and 207 pounds.

Haskins passed for 4,831 yards and 50 touchdowns in the Big Ten last season. He added in four touchdown runs and over 100 yards rushing. Murray passed for 4,361 yards and 42 touchdowns, as well as rushing for 1,001 yards and 12 touchdowns on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy.

If the New York Giants like one of these guys they have to get him, even if that means trading up while giving a ton of assets up. Dave Gettleman seems open to that and that is a good thing.