Odell Beckham trade was ‘business’ for New York Giants

For New York Giants brass, file this scenario in the “I told you so” file.

According to reports, former New York Giants star receiver Odell Beckham may want his contract reworked. If true, this demand comes mere weeks after his blockbuster trade to the Cleveland Browns and continues a pattern of controversy that surrounds the superstar wideout.

Apparently upon getting his bearings along the shores of Lake Erie, OBJ decided that he needed to emulate fellow receiver Antonio Brown and have his contract reworked. Brown, who was dealt from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland Raiders, did so successfully.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport first reported the news a couple of weeks ago. It’s of interest now because this week the New York Giants were tamping down any narrative that Beckham was dealt for reasons other than the team improving its roster.

Head coach Pat Shurmur himself was queried if he was consulted and on-board with the trade. He addressed the Beckham issue at the NFL Annual Meeting this week in Phoenix, even if he did contradict himself somewhat.

Per the New York Post:

“No, I’m not disappointed. It was business. The narrative now is that we wanted to get rid of Odell. We traded Odell and we got value. There’s many things I admire about Odell, and I wish him the best.“

No harm in those comments, even if the good value part will be debated frequently this season and beyond. Most of the “value” will be realized at next month’s NFL Draft, and it will take several seasons to see how the trade actually pans out.

It was what Shurmur was quoted as saying later in the same interview on that should spark some discussion.

“I really do believe it takes a village to spread the ball around. We have a lot of fine players on offense so we’ll just spread the ball. Unfortunately Odell was hurt at the back half of the season, and we were able to score the most points of the year. And so we’ll find a way.”

Could the new version of the New York Giants offense be better without Odell Beckham?

Based upon Shurmur’s comments, the team has enough play-makers to make up the difference. The implied response seems to be that no Beckham also means fewer distractions and more focus on football for Big Blue as well.

And there’s absolutely some validity to that sentiment.

As far as Beckham’s contract, OBJ’s pact isn’t an apple-to-apples comparison with A.B. Upon his trade to Oakland, according to Spotrac, Browns signed a three-year, $50.125 million contract with the Raiders. There was $30.125 million guaranteed at signing.

On the other hand, Beckham’s five-year, $90 million contract, included $65 million in guaranteed money, once again according to Spotrac. In terms of average annual value (AAV), Beckham still outpaces Brown $18 million to $16.7 million.

If the report is true, it’s hard to figure what OBJ expects to accomplish contractually. As anyone who follows the Giants knows, OBJ does figure out ways to stay front and center all year-long.