When did you first realize you were a New York Giants fan?

We ran an open poll on our Facebook page asking New York Giants fans the question: When did you know you were a true Giants fan?

When did you know you were a true New York Giants fan? I’ll tell you my story first. It was 1966, which just happened to be one of the worst statistical seasons in franchise history. The Giants allowed a franchise-worst 501 points and were outscored by 238 points en route to a 1-12-1 record. It is also the lowest number of wins the Giants had ever had to that point – or since.

I was already a New York Mets fan, so why not root for another loser. The Mets would turn things around in short order while the Giants wouldn’t win a championship for another 20 years.

Allie Sherman was the coach and the team was a lot like the New York Yankees, an team that had seen it’s better days with an aging roster and no real direction. Former assistants Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi were in Dallas and Green Bay respectively and ruling the roost in the NFL, while the Giants were in the early stages of what is now called The Wilderness Years.

But it’s still fun to think back to those days, playing all day games on Sundays in the cavernous old stadiums around the league. Sure, the Giants were bad, but their inability to sell enough tickets to their home games at Yankee Stadium ensured that their home games would be blacked out in the local television market, sparing Giant fans more of the indignity.

Here’s some of the better responses we received on our Facebook page from fans.

“The second I saw the first #10 Sir Francis Tarkenton throwing a TD Pass to Bob Tucker”. – John Vogel

“When I took my first breath of air”. – Drew Raphael

“At 4 years old, my Dad said GIANTS are on. All non GIANT fan go outside in the deep snow. That’s that”.  – Mac McCrodden.

“Whenever I came out the womb”. – Justin Lopez

“When I watched LT becoming the best LB of all time! & I saw my 1st game in The Meadowlands”. – Anthony Talamantez

When did you realize you were a true Giants fan? Tell us your story.




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