Should you be rooting for a New York Giants loss in the Chase Young Bowl?

The topic of rooting for a team to lose to gain draft position has always been a polarizing one for fans, particularly with this New York Giants season. Chase Young has made the issue even spicier than usual.

With the unofficial ‘Chase Young Bowl’ going down this weekend, the topic has never been a hotter one. The New York Giants and Washington Redskins have been neck and neck as the top considered potential Chase Young destinations, and their contest on Sunday will more than likely decide where one of the best defensive players to come out in the last twenty years will play football as a professional.

While you could never expect the actual players and coaches on the team to tank a game for a player, can you really argue with someone’s mindset that they would rather have a generational (man that words getting overused these days, but it works here) talent than a meaningless win in a dumpster fire season?

In a basic argument, you could never make a rational point that a win against the Redskins this week would be more beneficial to the future of the Giants than landing Chase Young. If you’re somehow not familiar with the freakish nature of this Ohio State Superstar, here’s a small sample of how devastating a player he really is.

A once a decade type of player, Chase Young is as close to the type of gamebreaker that Lawrence Taylor was that we’ve seen since. Obviously, there’s no reasonable way to predict that he’ll ever have the type of career Taylor actually had, but the sheer way he wrecks games and overwhelms 300+ pound men is something we haven’t seen in this fashion since LT.

Having a draft pick in the top ten always allows you to get a player that has a chance to change your franchise, but the type of chance and potential ceiling Chase Young provides is different. He’s the type of player that could transform a defense all by himself, as the offense has to legitimately gameplan around him on a play to play basis.

Young is only the second defensive player to be a Heisman finalist in the last twenty years (Ndamukong Suh being the other), and even though he’s flirted with the potential of returning to Ohio State next season, we all know that’s not going to happen.

The good part about being a fan is, we really don’t have a say in what happens on Sunday. Whatever i gonna happen, is gonna happen. So in my mind, why shame anyone for their opinion on whether they’d rather have the Giants lose this weekend, or not?

If you’d be happy to see your team win another game and not be one of the worst teams in the NFL, that’s fine. I personally strongly feel that the franchise will be in an exponentially better position with a loss to the Redskins, but I don’t believe I’ll find myself outwardly rooting for Washington during the game. However, I won’t be the slightest bit upset after the game if we lose, either – quite the opposite, actually.

It’s been a long, tough season around here for us all. So, as we head into the ‘Chase Young Bowl’ this weekend, try to remember that there is no doctrine on being a fan. Every fan has their own way of being a fan, and as long as they believe they have the best interests of the team at the base of whatever they want to happen, there’s no reason for anyone on either side to jump down the other’s throat.

Chase Young may or may not be a New York Giant next season, and this weekend’s game will have a major impact on that. How you choose to cope with that is on you.

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