Examining Pat Shurmur’s future with NY Giants after Week 16

Before Week 16, Pat Shurmur’s future with the NY Giants seemed just about set; that figures to change now after Daniel Jones’ success, and another win.

Will winning (at least) two of the last three games, Daniel Jones continuing his march towards Rookie of the Year, and the excuse of having one of the youngest teams in the NFL be enough to keep Pat Shurmur around for a third season with the NY Giants?

Only time will tell, but the chances of the embattled coach sticking around rose exponentially yesterday, as Big Blue dropped 41 points on the Redskins. It may not be what the majority of what Giants Nation wants to hear right now, but it’s the cold hard truth.

If the Giants are able to upset Philadelphia in Week 17 and finish off the season with three in a row, it might become a foregone conclusion that Shurmur returns for 2020, particularly if Jones has another performance that’s even close to the one we saw against Washington.

The dynamic of keeping a general manager that would figure to be on his last legs, and bringing in a new head coach is one that doesn’t make a ton of sense in theory. Reasonably, that would have the two most important figures in the organization with entirely different motivations relative to their job standing. In other words, it’s a recipe for disaster.

When John Mara sits down this off-season and makes his final decision (along with the input of Steve Tisch), the fact that Daniel Jones has dazzled all season long is going to weigh heavily. Pat Shurmur has not seemed to lose the locker room through it all, and even it wasn’t all (or even mostly) his doing, Jones seems very comfortable in this offense.

In my mind, Pat Shurmur is simply not – and never has been – the man to lead this team (or any team) back to glory. That should be where the conversation starts and ends about retaining him for 2020. In four seasons as a head coach, he’s never won more than five games in any year. Sooner or later, the excuses have to run out.

However, this is a special circumstance, as the NY Giants have historically not been a franchise that likes to have a bunch of turnover in its front office or with its head coach. That, combined with Jones’ success, and the general manager dynamic just may be enough to buy Shurmur one more crack at this thing.

Before yesterday, Pat Shurmur seemed like a dead man walking, and he knew it too. Today, he’s got a puncher’s chance.

Week 17 in Philadelphia is going to have much more at stake than the usual last game of the season for a four-win football team.

Much of that is going to have to do with Pat Shurmur and his future.


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