NY Giants: 5 reasons to love the Joe Judge hiring

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New York Giants head coach Joe Judge
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3. Accountability

Joe Judge referenced holding individuals accountable regularly throughout his press conference. Early in the press conference, he stated: “hold those you expect the most from to the highest standard”.

Accountability is a critical characteristic to instill in a young roster such as the Giants. Assuring that each player knows his assignment and what the expected end result is from the coaching staff is going to be an area that Judge will focus upon as the new head coach of the Giants.

However, just as important was his emphasis on holding his coaching staff responsible for the performance of his players. Judge stated that he plans to hold coaches responsible and accountable for the players making plays and knowing their proper assignments.

He went on to say that he doesn’t want a coach to tell him that they taught the entire room and just one guy didn’t understand it and that is why they failed. Judge stated that the coaching staff must hold themselves accountable for all players understanding the tasks at hand.

This is in stark contrast to what NY Giants fans became accustomed to under the coaching of Pat Shurmur. On a weekly basis, Shurmur would reference that the team was too young and was just not ready to win yet at the NFL level. By doing so, he put the honus of the loss directly on the players, in an attempt to take accountability away from the coaching staff.

Making it a foundational principle to hold coaches accountable and responsible for the play of the players is the very definition of leading by example. After all, how can you expect players to hold themselves accountable for their actions if the coaches leading them refuse to accept accountability?