NY Giants complete 7 round mock draft scenario

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Nick Harris (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)
Nick Harris (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images) /

RD 3 (98): Nick Harris C Washington

In what you could argue is the biggest value pick in this mock draft so far, Nick Harris falling to the NY Giants here would be a dream scenario. Few players are as all over the map on the expert’s mock drafts, with him being projected to go anywhere from the second-to-fourth rounds.

History tells us that centers and interior lineman tend to fall on draft day, and Big Blue coming away with it’s left tackle and center of the future while having a third-round pick that’s 30 slots lower than it should have been would make the Leonard Williams trade sting a lot less.

Harris has the acumen to go much higher, making the 2019 second-team All-America squad, while also having two first-team All-Pac 12selections under his belt as a center in 2018-2019. He has the versatility to play guard as well, playing many snaps there in his first two seasons.

Harris’ main strength is something the NY Giants direly lack – second-level run blockers. As we’ve seen with Kyle Shannahan’s 49ers, second-level run blocking is paramount in today’s NFL, and no one is as important in that regard as your anchor. Harris has few – if any – red flags and should be the pick here if he’s still around with center being possibly the weakest spot on the entire Big Blue roster.