Who is America's Team?

This title gets thrown around all the time and after the Dallas Cowboys became America’s Team when they were running the show and the league in the mid 90s, it seemed like it fit their franchise, even if everyone outside of Dallas despises the Cowboys.

With a cocky owner like Jerry Jones and a cast of characters made up of the game’s biggest clowns and spoiled stars, how is it possible that America could possibly want the Dallas Cowboys to represent them?

Is it their winning past that gave them such a mighty name of their simplistic logo of the star, a symbol of the U.S.? Was it the fact that they play in Texas, an American icon, or that Troy Aikman was viewed as the All-American athlete?

After the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2001, 2003, and 2004, their fans thought they had officially taken over the throne and were the “new” America’s Team, the same way these sports fans think their teams are the most elite in all sports.

Now, with New York back on the map with the Giants winning Super Bowl XLII, there are sure to be a lot of new products out there with the “ny” logo on them and sure enough the 2009 version of Madden will begin with the Giants in the team selection process.

I am not saying that the Giants should be considered America’s Team or that I even want them to be. I can’t stand people jumping on the bandwagon no matter what sport it is, and it is a shame for people to like the New York Giants just because they won the championship.

So, what I am saying is that if there is a team that should be America’s Team, is it still Dallas?

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  • Dallas

    The Dallas Cowboys ARE AMERICA’S TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    The cowboys ownership named itself America’s team.  Any nickname you give yourself shouldn’t count. I’ll say that there were more people cheering for the Giants last superbowl than just about any other team in any other superbowl, but that’s probably more due to their uniform hatred of the Patriots than it is love for the Giants.  I don’t know if any team DESERVES to be called America’s team.  Maybe the Saints did right after that whole Katrina mess.  I nominate the New England Patriots to be named "America’s ANTI-Team" because they’re the most reviled team to come along since…well since the Cowboys of the 90′s actually.

  • http://thelandryhat.com thelandryhat

    Another classic post from the Giants fan. Honestly, I’ll take it easy on you this time so you don’t waste an hour with a long post on yours truly, but America’s Team usually means the most popular team in the NFL. And Neil, that is the Dallas Cowboys.But a little research would fill you in on how the Cowboys got the label.But if the Pats want it, they can have. The Giants want it? Take it.We’re happy to have 5 NFL Super Bowls.

  • http://thelandryhat Brad OBanion

    Uh Dallas was called americas team long before the 90s who ever posted this must be like twenty years old.Dallas was nicknamed Americas team in the 70s

  • http://thelandryhat Brad OBanion

    Redskin guy is a fugazie

  • Dana

    I remember the cowbags being referred to as "South America’s Team" because of their fondness for a certain white powder.

  • davedallasfan

    hey, g-strings, we’re THE DALLAS COWBOYS. you guys may have won this year, but the bowl is our domain, baby. been there a record 8 times. tied for 5 wins. and guess what? we’ll be the first to hoist her 6 times. count on it. so i guess that qualifies for the nickname. the person that picked it must have had tremendious forsight

  • All Day

    We have been hearing all kinds of hatred all year from all kinds of teams. And we GIANTS fans stood by our team and left the trash talking on the field. Its all about the team play and the team to come together and that is what exactly happend that led us to the Super Bowl as World Champions! You can cry all you want about next year, just know this, we are just going to get stronger and stronger every year. I am not going to say what will happen, but things are looking bright for us GIANTS! Take a look on Wikipedia about NFL playoff losing streaks. Now there is something to talk about…..

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    got to say your right, the g-stings look like they have a good future. look forward to many great hard fought rivalry EAST games against you guys. good luck, and yes we’ll be waitin for you guys in the playoffs this year. it’ll be nice to finally shed that losing streak

  • WestCoastSkins

    Actually it was a reporter that gave the cowturds the nickname “America’s Team”. It only makes sense though that “America’s Team” come from the nation’s capital, am I correct? Thus that would leave us with the Washington Redskins as “America’s Real Team”.

  • Staubach

    It is all about who is selling the most merchandise. Just like the Yankees who are baseballs America’s Team. Why bang on Jones when you have young Steinbrenner ;-)

    By the way, congrats on beating the Patriots. I was pulling for you guys to hold up the honor of the NFC East. The best conference in football. And I expect you guys to smack the Steelers too. Show them which conference is boss. But Dallas have plugged the holes in the secondary and it is our turn to rep the East

  • Staubach

    And westcoast-foreskins, your owner is not much to talk about. Jones may be irritating to some, but he puts he gets the job done in signing the important players.

    If you want Nation’s Cap to be America’s team, start by fixing the economy ;-)

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Unlike the Cowboys, who seem to thrive on bandwagons and fly-by-nite fans, Redskins fans are too serious and steady in their love for their team. Like the Giants, they’ll never be the darlings of the NFL that the Cowboys are, but you can have all those fair-weather fans anyway. I don’t want them! I want people who will be with their team through thick and thin! And this isn’t directed at you Staubach, but even you have to admit that there’s a large number of cowboys fans who are only fans when it’s convenient.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Oh! And you can’t blame the economy on us! The Redskins lost the game before the election (against Green Bay), which meant that the incumbant (Bush) should have lost. Redskins Mojo dictated that Kerry should have won, but Bush went and won the election anyway. This is what happens when you defy Redskins Mojo! Hail Skins!!!

  • Staubach

    I have been a Cowboy fan since 1968. To me a quality fan is one who is immersed in their teams history. Maybe every fan should be given a test! I wonder how many Giants fans know for example that Tom Landry plated for them?

    Hahaha! Washington can still be saved if you guys get those oil prices down and stop spending like a drunken sailor ;-)

  • Staubach

    oooh played, not plated

  • Staubach

    Or spending like a NY Governor