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Meet the Team

Thomas Carannante,Expert

Thomas Carannante is a Content Director for FanSided's network of sports websites, with most of his editorial coverage coming on Yanks Go Yard (for which he co-hosts the Yanks Go Yard podcast) and Dodgers Way. He's been working in a writing/editing capacity with Minute Media since 2016. Before that, he was a freelance writer covering sports, music and media for a number of publications. Thomas is a huge Yankees, Giants and Knicks fan.

Braulio Perez,Site Expert

Braulio Perez is a Staff Writer for FanSided, joining Minute Media in 2017 after 2.5 years at the Newark Star-Ledger as a high school sports reporter and 2.5 years at the Lynden Tribune as sports editor. While with the Lynden Tribune, Perez was named the Sports Writer of the Year in 2012 for his division by the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association. At the Star-Ledger, he received national recognition for his work covering the hazing scandal at Sayreville high School in New Jersey. Perez's focus has been on high school football recruiting, high school sports, the NFL, NCAA and English Premier League. He is also a regular contributor for 247Sports' Cougfan.com.

Jerry Trotta,Site Expert

Jerry Trotta is an Associate Editor for FanSided, and has covered the NFL and MLB for Minute Media for three years since 2019. He is the current Editor for the Washington Commanders on Riggo's Rag and has experience covering the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts for FanSided.

Adam Weinrib,Site Expert

Adam Weinrib is a Content Director on the FanSided network, and has been the co-editor at Yanks Go Yard, Dodgers Way and Musket Fire for nearly 3 years. He also hosts the sports/comedy podcast SportFire on the FanSided Podcast Network, and co-captains the Yanks Go Yard Podcast. Previously, he was a Senior Editor at 12up.com, and has been covering MLB and NFL for six years. Previously, he was a headline and features contributor at ClickHole and Onion Sports, as well as the Associate Producer of the ESPN 30 for 30 film "Believeland". An avowed fan of the New York sports teams -- specifically the Yankees -- as well as the North Carolina Tar Heels, you can find Adam complaining mid-game on Twitter, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn if the game goes really poorly.

Mike Luciano,Site Expert

Long-suffering Jets fan covering anything and everything in the world of sports. My NFL Draft goodies can be found on Twitter @ByMikeLuciano

Desmond Novack,Contributor

Contributor for GMENHQ. Follow my Twitter for my opinions on everything sports

Reese Nasser,Contributor

Contributing Writer- GMENHQ

Zak Musso,Contributor

Contributor for GMEN HQ. Marist 23' Center Field feature writer. Marist College Television sports producer and director.

Luis Tirado Jr.,Editorial Director

Luis Tirado Jr. is the FanSided NHL, Esports, and Extras Editorial Director and has been a lifelong sports fan. Being at FanSided since 2014, Luis has written and edited thousands of articles across the network. His work has been featured on Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, FOX Sports, AOL Sports, Yahoo! Sports, and other major publications. When Luis isn’t working, he’s either playing video games on his PC, listening to metal, enjoying a cup of coffee, or reading a horror novel. Contact Luis at luis.tiradojr@fansided.com

Michael Kelleher,Contributor

Sports journalist from the UK studying at Birmingham City University

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