Plax Gets Shot...Yawn

So I wake up today and go online in search of predictions and analysis for the games this weekend and instead find out that Plaxico Burress accidentall shot himself last night. And the scary thing is, the news didn’t phase me at all. That’s not good.

The stories these days should be about a Giants/Jets Super Bowl, or an all-Manning bowl, or about Earth, Wind, and Fire. Not what recent violation of the rules Plaxico Burress has been a part of. It’s become a weekly ritual for Plaxico and it is getting tiresome. 

But when someone liked Plaxico is involved with this it just gets ridiculous and sad. Every week there is another story with him and every week he is made out to be the bad guy on the Giants and every week I have defended him, but enough is enough.

The other nonsense this season was just immature and stupid. But when a man played a big factor in winning the Super Bow, you tend to let things slide. However, after a season of disappointments from the Giants star receiver, this is just the icing on the cake in what has become a sad story.

Nearly three months ago on opening night, Plaxico became a $35-million man with a new contract and a chance to show that he could be the best receiver in the game on the best team in the game. But ever since he signed the dotted line and got what he wanted all along, Plaxico has been the opposite of what the Giants want, or any team for that matter.

Had a Cincinnati Bengal shot himself in a club, it’s not that unusual. But when a player on the Giants, a player who has been disciplined several times this season, shoots himself in the leg when he is already not going to be playing because of a hamstring injury, you have to wonder what exactly is going on.

There is no problem with Plaxico Burress being at a nightclub in Manhattan. He isn’t playing this weekend and if he wants to get wasted, then so be it. But what nightclub is he at that he needs a gun? Did the Bass Pro Shops open up a bar with a shooting range inside? And how did he shoot himself accidentally? Did he pull the gun out to shoot someone else and it just went off into him? Or did he not have the safety on and it went off in his pants? I am not sure what is more ridiculous. The fact that he was carrying a gun or the fact that he shot himself in the foot.

It’s sad to say, but this relationship between Plaxico and the Giants is not going to end well. The front office has shown that they are not about to let someone miss a practice or a metting let alone have one of their paid employees shoot themselves in the leg, when they are already injured and missing a game.

But like I said at the beginning of this post, the news doesn’t surprise me because it seems like ever since this season began in training camp, Plaxico has ventured off from being a great team guy and Eli Manning’s favorite target, to being an annoyance to the Giants and a distraction to a team that is on pace to win their second straight Super Bowl.

Will Plaxico play again this season for the Giants? I’m not sure, but it is going to hurt the team at some point if he doesn’t. Domenik Hixon is a nice player and has been playing extremely well, but at some point in a big game, Plaxico is going to be needed on an important 3rd and long, and he might be watching from home. It’s sucks to say, but it seems that Plaxico’s day with Big Blue are numbered. 

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