Don't Let The Hype Phool You

Everywhere you look and everything you hear and read says that the 2008 Philadelphia Eagles have turned in their ugly helmets and green and white unis for red, white, blue, and gray and have become the 2007 New York Giants. But the last time I checked the 2008 New York Giants weren’t the 2007 Dallas Cowboys. Because when people say that the Eagles are the Super Bowl XLII Champions, it is implied that the ’08 G-Men have become Jerry Jones’ latest playoff joke.

Maybe the Eagles are destined to win the Super Bowl when only weeks ago the City of Brotherly Love was showing anything but towards their head coach and franchise quarterback. Maybe after tying the terrible Cincinnati Bengals and putting up only three points against the Washington Redskins, the Eagles have become the league’s hottest team. But all along the Eagles have been staying with 16 against a 10 and hitting with the dealer showing a six only to come out on top everytime.

The difference between the 2008 Philadelphia Eagles and the 2007 New York Giants is that the 2008 Philadelphia Eagles have been given everything and earned nothing. They were given a chance to make the postseason after tying Cincy. They were given another shot even when they lost to a lost Washington team (for the second time). They were given a gift when the Bears couldn’t find a way to beat the Texans in Houston and they were given a miracle when the Oakland Raiders, THE Oakland Raiders overcame a 10-point fourth quarter deficit to beat the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. If I was a member of the Eagles I would have been at the nearest convenient store buying a Power Ball ticket as time expired between Tampa Bay and Oakland rather than preparing for kickoff against Dallas. Because once the Bucs fell to the Raiders, Dallas didn’t have a prayer to win in Philly.

Last season the Giants had to go to Buffalo and overcome a 14-point first quarter deficit and five fumbles to beat the Bills and clinch a playoff seed. Then they had to try to prevent the first 16-0 season ever before going on the road and beating Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Green Bay before pulling off the greatest upset in NFL history and possibly sports history. But from Week 1 until they held the Lombardi Trophy up in Arizona, the Giants weren’t given an inch. They weren’t given any help and they didn’t ask for it. But it seems like since Week 1 of this season the Eagles have been given everything. If the Eagles had needed the Lions to win in Week 17, they proably would have. Because the Eagles couldn’t make the playoffs without the failures of others this season.

If you look at the Eagles schedule from this season, where were their legitimate wins? I see three. The first being in Pittsburgh in Week 3, the next being against the Giants in Giants Stadium in Week 14, and the other being against Dallas in Week 17.

Their other wins…St. Louis, San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Arizona, Cleveland.

And their losses…Dallas, Chicago, Washington, Giants, Baltimore, Washington.

And oh yeah, they tied Cincinnati.

Don’t get me wrong the Eagles are a good team. And as a product of the NFC East, they might just be the second best team in the NFC after the Giants. But right now they have a task at hand (beating the No. 1 seed in the NFC on the road) that only one other team in the 18 years of this playoff format has ever accomplished, the 2007 New York Giants. So, before we give the 2008 Philadelphia Eagles the Lombardi Trophy for beating Tavaris Jackson and the Minnesota Vikings, let’s let them win a truly big game.

Team of Destiny? Absolutely not. Team of luck? Definitely.

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  • Greg C

    Great post. I agree completely.

    The media loves the bandwagon, and right now those wagons are connected to the Eagles in the NFC and the Ravens in the AFC. Hopefully this weekend will shut them up.

  • Jim

    Last time I checked, the Eagles still had to go 4-1 down the stretch in order to even have a chance at the playoffs.  I think you are selling them short by saying that they “earned nothing”.

  • SoDev

    Yea it looks good (4-1) until it’s realized that the 1 was a huge choke job against the Redskins that at the time basically eliminated themselves. 18-1 looks good too until you realize… well you get the point.

    Them being in the playoffs IS a gift, but they are making the most of it… for now.

  • Ian

    Without Plaxico Burress the Giants are not so imposing to the Eagles defense. Eagles win 23-16.

  • SoDev

    lol, still with the PLax thing? Listening to you guys bring up no Plax just makes me laugh like you guys were scared all those years with Plax, lol.

  • Jim

    SoDev, you are absolutley right.  The Redskins game was a choke job completley.  I just think that this whole post is kind of writing the birds off like they got in by blind luck alone.  This is a dangerous team and if I were a Giants fan I wouldn’t be overly confident.

  • SoDev

    Jim- Well we are a little biased. ; )

    Your right, the Eagles are dangerous, the are probably more dangerous for once being left for dead.

    About the over-confidence, man we have another chip on our shoulder… have you read major sports sites. It’s like the Giants are the underdog. All I see anywhere I go now is E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

    This ain’t week 14 and we are not Dallas.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    ok boast while you can. the trophy is still on your mantle. you are the defending world champs. hats off to you. that is called respect for your talent as a team. something that i have never taken away from you guys. i am a fan of the game since 1970. probably before you SoDev were even born????? not sure just assuming by the immaturity of your statements and YOUR lack of respect for YOUR opponents. we’ll lick our wounds for now. we are’nt in the playoffs, and we did’nt deserve to be there based on the way we played at the end of the season. but based on the end of your season, maybe you guys don’t deserve to be there either? hey i hate em, but philly sure the hell deserves to be. and we’ll see this week who deserves it more. but just remember that we beat your ass in december and we did’nt make the playoffs???? what does that say dallas is bad??? yeah, well maybe g-strings are’nt quite as good as you think? think about that for awhile……after next week you’ll have as much time to think about meeting us next year as we have with meeting you. hope someone reponds to this within the next week?????

  • Billie Lagerman

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