The Most Important Player

You can forget Eli Manning and Donovan McNabb. Derrick Ward and Brian Westbrook. Domenik Hixon and DeShaun Jackson. There is one clear cut choice for the most important player in the divisional game this weekend and that player is Brandon Jacobs.

The majority of the world believes that Brian Westbrook is the most dangerous player involved in the game Sunday, but he isn’t, and it’s not even close.

The first time these teams met back in Week 10, the Giants beat the Eagles 36-31, and it wasn’t even that close. The G-Men racked up 370 yards on offense to the Eagles 255 and if it wasn’t for settling for three John Carney field goals, the game could have been over a lot earlier than when the Eagles failed to convert on a 4th and 1.

In that game Brandon Jacobs rushed for 126 yards and simply punished the Eagles defense in route to two rushing touchdowns. And while this one game might be the smallest of sample sizes, just take a look at the other 15 games. When Brandon Jacobs plays, the Giants win, and usually with ease. And on Sunday it will be 21 days since Jacobs last played and that day the Giants clinched the No. 1 seed with a win over Carolina.

The focus right now is on the Eagles because they demolished the Cowboys and went on the road to beat the Vikings. Not exactly two tasks worthy of the praise they are receiving. But along with the praise are the reviews of the Week 14 game in which the Eagles beat the Giants on the road 20-14. And while the Eagles feel as though this was an enormous win and that the beat the champs, let’s take a closer look.

Forget the fact that Plaxico Burress was no longer a member of the Giants at this point, but Brandon Jacobs recorded only 10 carries (52 yards) in the game, all of them in the first half, due to injury. Not to mention the receivers couldn’t catch passes with a net and Eli Manning couldn’t get a completion. Cancel out the missed field goals by both teams and you have a 20-14. Not one thing went right for the Giants as they played their worst game of the whole season (though it’s close to Cleveland) and they only lost by six points.

You would think on a day when Brian Westbrook was creating his own SportsCenter Top 10 and Donovan McNabb was completing 63% of his passes that the Eagles would have run away with the game. But instead they won by six points.

I am not hear to complain about the loss the same way I didn’t complain about it when it happened back in November. I am just here to make sure everyone realizes that while it was a victory for the Eagles, it wasn’t exactly the 1980 Miracle on Ice that some media outlets are making it out to be.

But I clearly remember that day when Donovan McNabb stood there taunting the Giants fans, even though at the time the Eagles were on life support. And following the game McNabb said that the Eagles should have won the first game as well, not sure if Donovan was playing in the same game that the rest of the world was watching, but ok. Just another classic Donovan line to go along with his lack of knowledge of the overtime rules.

This Sunday is all about Brandon Jacobs. And if he is healthy the Giants can’t be touched. And I expect him to be healthy.

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  • B_DAWK

    The sorry as$ gun strapped G-spots are gonna come back to reality on Sun. Dawkins and Bradley are punish She’lie and Jacobs into submission… Don’t tell me about Super Bowl past and blah blah, I don’t any of your recievers could catch a damn cold, let alone the football. Single coverage all day, that means 8-9 men in the box. The BS about Jacobs being hurt last time.. what a puss we just made sure he stayed on the injured list that afternoon. You know that you’re scared of D Mac and B West you would be insane not to be…lmao So in closing just wishing you a nice early vacation after 4:30 Sun. 23-17 EAGLES!!!!

  • Birds

    “Cancel out the missed field goals by both teams and you have a 20-14. Not one thing went right for the Giants as they played their worst game of the whole season (though it’s close to Cleveland) and they only lost by six points.”

    Yeah, I guess a blocked field goal that turns a 13-0 game into a 10-7 game didn’t go right for you. Or the pretty obvious fact that the Eagles gladly traded 7 points for the clock at the of the end the game. 

    I see when you guys win 36-31, the score didn’t show how badly the Eagles were dominated

    When you lose 20-14, the giants only lost by six points!!!

  • Afly

    Giants’ offense was basically shut out, dude. And Jacobs leaving the game had a bit to do with the pounding his was given by the Eagles. So don’t get too cocky.

  • Chris Iafolla

    Anybody who watched that second Giants/Eagles game knows that the Giants were thoroughly dominated.  You make the case of all the things that went wrong for the Giants but you failed to mention that the first Giants TD was off of a blocked field goal to end the half and the second was at the end of the game in garbage time.  Point of fact: the Eagle had 330 yards of total offense and the Giants had a shade over 200. 

  • SoDev

    Fist off… the Giants were dominated in that game.

    Second… Jacobs was banged up entering the game and left on a routine run up the middle that he hurt himself on.

    Third… the Giants were coming off a 7 game win streak and Plax dramall week… they were due for a letdown game. You birds had you backs against the wall. You won.

    Fourth… it was just one of those days where nothing went right. Keep leaning on it. What happened in the game where the actual division was on the line… exactly.

    Fifth… his point was that on a day that everything went right for the Eagles they still only won by 6 when it was all said and done. Do you think you should be so lucky this Sunday?


  • GBR

    The Giants have proven they can overcome when they had Plax – but without Plax you guys are a different team – just like we were without T.O. As far as the second game being close – one lucky break on the blocked field goal and a gaqrbage time touchdown drive made it look closer than it was. True score of that game was 23-7 (I give you the TD that Hixon dropped). That said – this game will turn on who makes the least mistakes. It is literally a coin flip.

  • Danny

    What Birds said.

    You’re so fucking full of shit – enjoy Trent Cole’s nuts tattooed on Eli’s face.

  • SoDev

    Caw caw! Go E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

    Do any of you even post on the Iggles blog, lol.

  • Chris Iafolla

    I fail to see the luck the Eagles had in that game?  A blocked 52-yard field goal attempt to end the half is not what I call lucky.  Sure, the dropped pass was lucky for the Eagles, but that was about it.  Don’t give me injuries as an excuse–the Eagles have dealt with them all year and so has every team in the NFL.  You have two other quality backs on your roster. 

    This will be a very good game, but please don’t make an excuse for a loss.  Giants won the first one, Eagles won the second fair and square.  I for one am looking forward to the rubber match. 

  • SoDev

    No excuses. Look at the amount of drivel I’m trying to respond to… I said point plank, Eagles dominated. I only brought up Jacobs in the sense of how he was injured in defense of the “he was knocked out by the Eagles” claim (not that he is the reason we lost), he got hurt, that was that.

    I never make excuses! Never! Especially not for injuries!

    Go to the IGGLES board and recognize my realness!

    I don’t need to come off like some douchebag.

    I’m done in this thread. Talk is cheap play the f’ing game!

  • B_DAWK

    Damn that’s all i hear from G-spot fans is goddamn excusses. you went 1-3 in Dec. and we went 3-1 you’re reeling and looking for anything to blame. yeah the starters were out for most of the minn. game, but fuck grab a tissue and these nuts and get over it!! It will all be over soon…..