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Where Do We Go Now?

With the Giants season coming to an early ending and four teams still remaning its now time to choose who I want to see take home XLIII and I believe I have my answer. But first let’s take a look at teams.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Ben Roethlisberger is one my list of my most disliked players in the NFL. Seeing him win another Super Bowl would be like seeing Philip Rivers reach the Super Bowl or having to witness Tony Romo win a playoff game. Big Ben lives the luxury of trying to just not mess games up. He isn’t asked to do anything behind the Steel Curtain and as long as he doesn’t throw five picks, the Steelers win games. The only problem is that sometimes he does throw several picks and the Steelers do lose.

Baltimore Ravens
I am still pissed about the Super Bowl in 2000 and don’t think I will ever get over it. If I have to watch Ray Lewis win another Super Bowl I think I might stop watching the NFL altogether. The Ravens defense might be one of the best in the league, but their offense is led by a rookie QB who is getting all the hype that Big Ben received when he rode to the promised land on the shoulders of his defense. Imagine if Joey Flacco gets his ring before Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo, now wouldn’t that be something. But I don’t think the Ravens will get past the Steelers next Sunday. At least I hope not.

Arizona Cardinals
Knowing that a team that finished the season 8-8, was about as much of a playoff joke as the world has ever know, and has played the entire season with no running game and no defense, could win the Super Bowl, I guess it goes to show that anyone can win once the playoffs start. If you want to talk about magical runs the Cardinals are it. They are more of a shock than George Mason basketball a few years back, Rocco Mediate last spring, or the Tampa Bay Rays this past summer. The Cardinals are one win away from heading to Miami, when really they were a San Francisco 4th and Goal way back on Monday Night Football from eventually not making the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles
How in my right mind could I root for this team? Sure some people like to root for the team that knocked them out, but not me. Aside from the Cowboys and Patriots, this is the only other team that I don’t want to see win a Super Bowl. I want the McNabb/Reid legacy to be remembered as the Buffalo Bills of the NFC Championship. Imagine if the Eagles lose either this Sunday or Super Bowl Sunday. It will have marked five times in eight years they have made it to the conference championship, never having won a Super Bowl. Now wouldn’t that be something.

Even though the New York Giants beat every single team listed here, I still feel as though I need to cheer for some team otherwise the next few weeks of football will just be flat out boring. Unless I drop down some money on the games, then that could spruce it up a little.

But judging all the teams and their pros and cons, I have to say I am pulling for the Arizona Cardinals.

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  • Freak

    Yes the Giants beat every team on the list.  However, the Eagles beat them twice.

    I’ll just go with Brandon Jacobs pick for the Superbowl win.

    That would be the Eagles.

  • phyre

    I cannot root for the Eagles, EVER! No Cowboys, No Redskins either. I don’t dislike the Eagles because of Andy Reid or Westbrook or Mc Nabb. They’re ball players who do what they can for their team. Dawkins however is the leagues biggest cheap shot artist. He loves to spear players, especially after they are on the ground. Why he isn’t fined is a mystery. It’s only a matter of time until someone is badly injired.

  • Arctic16

    Wow, you sound like a very bitter man.  In any case, the Arizona Cardinals were 9-7 not 8-8.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    oh, i frickin love it….all the giant fans that nailed us and said that romo does’nt have the heart to win and has no passion for the game. said he was a punk kid cause he wore his hat backwards….you know stupid shit like that? well there it is giant fans the article that says eli does’nt like football. he’s losing interest in it. even his dad says that eli never had the same passion that peyton did, and would probably be happier doing something else, because the fans are too hard on him when he don’t win……well all you romo bashers suck on that for awhile. assholes

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    the……….eli does’nt like football all that much????? assholes

  • SoDev

    Yep, gotta go Cardinals.

  • SoDev

    dave – I said I’d ignore you because you are such a douche bag, but I’ll play this time…

    That is a ‘parody’ site you d-bag… look it up in a dictionary then have someone explain it to you, lol! Moron.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i could give a rats ass if it is a parody site or not. and by the way you puke, i knew that it was, thats why i commented on it. i thought it was hilarious. but it might just as well be the truth, parody  or not, they gotch ya!!!!!!!!! you dumb bastards. and if i’m such a douche bag or moron, why did you waste the time to talk to me. hey asswipe, you ain’t any better than us, cause your just another team that lost on the way to the super bowl. it don’t matter that we split, it don’t matter that you won the division and we did’nt make the playoffs, cause right now if we are losers, well that makes you the same. so shove that up your ass, dev, or any place a duche like you belongs, asshole

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    you can look all those words up in the dictionary for further definition if you need to, their in there too.

  • SoDev


    Your actually quite funny dave! Your actually making some very twisted sense (and that is scary), lol!

  • Freak

    I am a charter member of NFC east peace and love squad.  I am going to have to issue some citations here unless you all give each other great big non-sexual man hugs.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i just can’t wait till next year, i just want to get a shot at them sonsabitches again. if we run the damn ball more, it’s the secret to winning for us. it helps ease the pressure off your D. it opens up single coverage on your wideouts, and takes pressure away from your qb to hit that big play pass, and lastly takes the opposing pass rush away. so if we implement this we’ll kick NYG ass next year…..can’t wait

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    and i’ll pass on the man hugs, i’m secure with my manhood, but not sure about sodev’s

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    he seems to know so much about douches

  • All Day

    No better then dallas this year, please. So being division champs and making the playoffs is equal to a team finishing 3rd in the division. Come on man!…. Anyone could see we were better then dallas this year. Im not being biased either. If the tables were turned, then I would say other wise.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    the inevetable end is the superbowl, not????? well then if we did’nt make it, and you did’nt make it, who’s better? you guys won the division. we came in third. if we stay healthy? do we go third. ? if jacobs stays healthy do you lose in the playoffs.? no, you come on man, it just don’t matter at this point does it? cause you can ask all those questions “all day”, all day. so just what makes you better than us this year???? we’re both at home watchin the playoffs. does winning the nfc east make you feel any better of your finish? do you think philly gives a shit at this point that you guys won the division and they backed into the playoffs? come on

  • All Day

    This is not a game of “ifs.” Your whole comment is about “if.” You can slice the pie many times, but in the end it is reality “DAVE.” I agree that the superbowl is what everyone is reaching for, we saw it last year. I’m not talking about philly cause they deserve their spot. This comment has nothing to do with them. It has to do with dallas. You can “what if” all the way back to the beginning of the NFL… and when the cows come home. No one remembers “if.” So you have no point. Like I said, if our status’s were swaped, I would say you were the better team. Its a team effort and we had a better team effort then you guys this year.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    ok so you had a better team. you had a better team effort. you beat us out for the division. we were in third. last year we were 13-3. you guys barely made the playoffs. we swept you guys last year…………but when it counted you guys won and kept winning all the way to the championship. so thats what i’m tryin to say. it does’nt really matter what you did in the regular season, cause once the playoffs start all that shit is forgot. is anybody still saying that you guys are great cause you won the nfc east and beat out the highly touted and talked up cowboys? no, right now you are on the same level as us, a team that lost in the playoffs. but i do have a point, and that is it. but have it your way if it makes you feel better. you can look at the nfc east crown all off season long and feel good about it, cause niether of us will have a world championship to speak of. “if” that makes you feel better fine with me

  • All Day

    Good points….. What happened last year is currently happening this year. Hey, you can’t win them all. Your right though, we were not the best team throughout the year last year, and we won the SB. This year, we were [for the most part] the best team in the League (ESPN rankings) and we lost in the first round. So in that perspective, you must be HOT at the end of the season. So, good points. I agree.

    Oh and by the way, we didn’t barely make it into the playoffs last year, we had it before the last game. And yes, any championship is good so I will have to hold onto it. Like you guys were last year. It has some kind of goal achieved. I’m still excited about our SB last year anyway.