Rumor: Braylon Edwards to the Giants for a 2nd + 4/5th...

Take this with a grain of salt but I’m hearing a deal is in place to send Braylon over for a 2nd, 4th or 5th and possibly a conditional pick next year. This would be an absolute STEAL. Gaining a player of Edwards caliber and still having our 1st, 2nd, and two 3rds. Right now it’s pending on the Giants and Braylon’s agent working out a contract. Stay tuned, I will update the post when I hear something new.


Sorry for the delay guys busy morning…

I was told we are pretty much at the same point as we were yesterday. Something will get done just a few more numbers need to be worked out. Edwards should be in New Jersey sometime towards the begining of next week to recieve a physical.

Update 2:

Looks like you guys will have to what for the anouncement on Draft day as of now…

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  • rob

    where did gil brandt say that, wes?

  • Wes

    It was on Sirius radio and he said his sources in the NFL say the Edwards to Giants trade was a DONE deal.

  • Wes

    this is from a Browns beat Writer:

    Quote from PD Grossi

    “Nevertheless, the interest in Massaquoi confirms, to me, that a trade of Braylon Edwards to New York is done. It just doesn’t make sense for it to be announced until after the Browns make their first pick on Saturday”

    They still feel it’s going to be a 1st and 3rd pick.

  • rob


  • Cornerback30

    I don’t know it’s starting to get a lil hard to wait all this time esp. when you see other rumors on-line like I just seen on on the Giants page that posts some of the rumors they had it like the Browns would draft Crabtree and the Giants at 29 would draft Robiskie and then trade him to them for Edwards along with a 3rd rounder from us has anyone heard anything like this.

  • rob

    why do we have to make their pick for them….they can draft whoever they like at 29..whatever as long as the deal gets done

  • SoDev

    A 1st and Kiwi… please. FU Cleveland. You take what we give you!

  • Cornerback30

    Man I seen on that thew Browns want Kiwi and the Giants 1st rounder,are they crazy,if this is the way they are negotiating it’s no wonder Edwards is not with the Giants yet.I can’t blame Reese for not caving in this is not a good deal for the Giants.The Browns want too much and they know it.If this is what they really want I say we should draft a WR and lets move on Jackson contributed with the Eagles this past season so it’s not entirely impossible.I wouldn’t let the Browns pull off this deal.

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  • GMen4Life

    Where’s the update joescro??? A lot of reports saying the talks are “dead”… Where is your “source”, or was is just the imaginary voices in your head?

  • Cornerback30

    Ha,Ha,HA dude that was funny,but seriously I think he’s going to update,just be cool.

  • bob

    where is an update joe??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Wes

    The DEAD talks could be a smokescreen for real. However we wont know until draft day. Asking for a 1st and Kiwi? CMon…I odnt beleive that. I think it will be a 1st and a 3rd for Braylon on draft day REGARDLESS if they select Crabtree. They have been working out Britt, Heyward-Bey and Nicks. They obviosuly are weighing their options on IF Crabtree is not there or IF they opt to select something else at that spot.
    I tihnk too many rumors got out and they spread the DEAD rumor to create a smokescreen before the draft. I tihnk the Browns KNOW htey have a late round 1st pick so they are weighing their options as to who they want to draft.

  • pataroons

    The Giants are trading for Boldin. No wait, the Giants are trading for Edwards. Wait, no they’re not. I mean yes they are.
    This is rediculous.
    The giants will likely draft Offensive line and linebacker early in the draft.
    They will trade for Edwards during the draft. They will trade a 2 and a 4 or something along those lines.
    Statistically, the first 4 years of Edwards’ career is almost identical to the first 4 years of Plaxico’s career (except of course, the drops).
    Expect the next 4 years of Edwards’ career with the Giants to go similarly to Plaxico’s. He will be a pro-bowler, a superbowl winner, and he will inadvertently shoot himself in the leg in a NYC nightclub in the year 2013.
    Boldin has a few intangibles (blocking). But for how ‘tough’ he is, he certainly gets injured a lot.
    The Giants are fine even if they don’t address the WR position. They certainly don’t need to draft one. Isn’t this why they’ve spent a #2 on Smith, a # 2 on Moss, and an #3 on Manningham, as well as a waiver on Hixon? How is Kenny Britt the answer, and not Smith, Moss, Manningham, or Hixon. They need depth, that’s all.
    Like I said, they will draft Offensive Line, and Linebacker. Defensive Backfield depth as well. They won’t ‘trade up’. They will trade picks for Edwards or trade picks for 2010 picks.

  • Wes

    There are currently new rumors that the Giants plan to trade up to draft Darrius Heyward-Bey. Seems the Browns have interest in DHB and the Giants are using this as a way to tel lthe Browns, give us BE or we will draft DHB.

  • GMen4Life


  • bob

    hey joe you are so wrongggggggggggggggggggggggggg you must have egg on your face

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