2009 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

# Team Pick
1 Detroit Lions

staffordMatthew Stafford, QB Georgia
2 St. Louis Rams
jason_smithJason Smith, OT Baylor
3 Kansas City Chiefs
curry50x50 Aaron Curry, OLB Wake Forest
4 Seattle Seahawks


Mark Sanchez, QB USC

5 Cleveland Browns
crabtree50x50Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech
6 Cincinnati Bengals
eugene-monroeEugene Monroe, OT Virgina
7 Oakland Raiders
maclin50x50Jeremy Maclin, WR Missouri
8 Jacksonville Jaguars
bj_rajiB.J Raji, DT Boston College
9 Green Bay Packers
orakpo50x50Brian Orakpo, OLB Texas
10 San Francisco 49ers
jenkins50x50Malcom Jenkins, CB/S Ohio State
11 Buffalo Bills
smith50x50Andre Smith, OT/OG Alabama
12 Denver Broncos
brown50x50Everette Brown, OLB Florida St.
13 Washington Redskins
oher50x50Michael Oher, OT Mississippi
14 New Orleans Saints
wells50x50Chris “Beanie” Wells, RB Ohio State
15 Houston Texans
robert-ayersRobert Ayers, DE Tennessee
16 San Diego Chargers
jackson50x50Tyson Jackson, DE LSU
17 New York Jets
josh_freemanJosh Freeman, QB Kansas State
18 Denver Broncos
(9-7, Pick via Bears)
jerry50x50Peria Jerry, DT Ole Miss
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Michael Johnson, DE Georgia Tech
20 Detroit Lions
(9-7, Pick via Cowboys)
brian_cushingBrian Cushing, OLB USC
21 Philadelphia Eagles
moreno50x501Knowson Moreno, RB Georgia
22 Minnesota Vikings
heywardbey50x50Darrius Hayward-Bey, WR Maryland
23 New England Patriots
Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB Penn State
24 Atlanta Falcons
brandon_pettigrewBrandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahoma
25 Miami Dolphins
clay-matthewsClay Matthews, OLB USC
26 Baltimore Ravens
davis50x50Vontae Davis, CB Illinois
27 Indianapolis Colts
evander-hoodEvander “Ziggy” Hood, DT
28 Buffalo Bills
(12-4; Pick via PHI)
Connor Barwin, DE/OLB/TE Cincinnati
29 New York Giants
mauluaga50x50Rey Mauaiuga, OLB USC
30 Tennessee Titans
644262Hakeem Nicks, WR UNC
31 Arizona Cardinals
56322359Donald Brown, RB UCONN
32 Pittsburgh Steelers
alphonso-smithAlphonso Smith, CB Wake Forest

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9f4bmOcYxM sodev

    Nicks, love it! A lot of people think he is game ready.

    UNC baby, Go Tar Heels! :o

  • kj

    not bad but i have orakpo at clv n crabtree goin 6 to cin..heyward-bey is gonna b tha biggest first round bust in tha draft so al probly will pik him..i think malcomn jenkins’ is gonna b ah great player if i was a NFL team tha foot speed thing wouldnt stop me from pickin him high..i lik hou pikin beanie wells if hes there..andre smith’s off tha board at 13 if hes there..harvin goin ta minn would b ah great pik but w no QBs there i think TB would take him. cushing would b awesome in NE n ziggy in indy is nice n aaron maybin will go top 15..if hakeem nicks goes to NYG i would b pist off i think hes goin ta b ah great receiver..im a skins’ fan

  • kj

    oh yea..n lesean mccoy should go round 1 he reminds me ah bit of clinton portis aka tha best RB in tha L..n if he does fall ta tha 2nd round its ok CP went round 2 also

  • MR. B

    I would love Cleveland to draft either Crabtree or Orakpo. Then use both of their 2nd draft picks on….Cook at Te and McCoy at RB.

  • barak

    Hakeem Nicks?, he gained too many pounds and don’t have the height, we need a tall wr by catch the rainbow pass of eli manning, last year we didn’t have problem to arrived to the red zone, the problem was no one tall to catch the ball

  • Hank

    I’ll bet you’re closer that any of these so call professionals

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    nice mock, hicks would be a good fit for you guys? seems like it would work. the only problem i see is sanchez at 4 to seattle. i know the rumors are flyin as of late about this senareo, but i just think with all the other needs for them that qb could wait a year? yeah never know, but with hasslebeck healthy, and wallace seemingly settled at the backup spot it could wait a year? then you could get your franchise left tackle to replace the ole injured vet.?

  • Trey

    dude 4 the record. this mock isnt the worst thing ive seen today, so porps to that 1. lotsa people goin higher than i think they will but overall like i said, i have seen worswe, not bad. but kj, dont ever post on this anymore. no one can read what you are writing. your “board”? what do you have a huge corkboard in your garage with all tehse guys pictures up? get a life man.joescro do your thign…..you better be right on that braylon stuff! i cant wait for this season to start! i can almost guarentee that eli will lead the nfc in td’s if we get braylon.

    be- 15tds
    hix- 8

    thats 37 tds right there! that shouold be enough to lead “tha L” as my boy kj says

  • http://aol.com John

    I would be doing cartwheels in my living room if the G-Men got Maualuga at 29. No other mock draft that I have seen has him falling that far.

  • Kewitcher Belliaykin

    Pierce, Clark, Boley, Kehl, Blackburn, Goff, Deossie….why would we draft LB? Kehl and Goff are still our young LB projects. Wasnt’ the big Boley signing supposed to keep us from drafting a LB in the first round?
    Edwards is on the way, so we go O-line depth, secondary depth (Madison and McQuarters gone) or a 4th RB with the 1st pick….assuming we still have that pick.

  • http://aol.com John

    Kewitcher Bellyachin — Pierce showed last year that he is on the downside of his career. Maualuga is an absolute beast and would be a steal at 29. (FYI – Boley is an OLB and Maualuga is an ILB). The Giants will not take a RB in the first round after signing BJ to a big deal. They will also not draft a CB in the first round — they will go with a S in the 2nd or 3rd. Other than those things you are completely right!