There’s no other word in the English language that describes today’s game better than yuck.

  • Eli, for the most part, looked like shit. That last interception looked like he was trying to give it to the Iggs.
  • The defense couldn’t stop the Iggs, and the secondary was amatuer at best.
  • What the hell was with Hixon on the kickoff to open the second half.
  • Why did they give Jacobs so many carries in the first half while not giving Bradshaw anything. If it was because of his foot injury, he shouldn’t have been active for the game.
  • It was a tale of two halves, as the G-Men showed some signs of life in the second half.
  • The Giants just couldn’t make tackles.
  • Settling for field goals is bull shit.
  • Coughlin: Get the team ready to play!!!! That effort was non-existant, they need to play better or they’ll go 5-11.

Please let the Yanks make up for this atrocity with a win in Game 4 tonight. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • BoysfromBigD

    simply overrated…frankly u had no business beating dallas earlier this yr…we had four turnovers and u guys still barely won…as far as today goes, that was just ugly…but this game had another positive to it…it really showed who the trash in the division is and that’s NY and wash belongs right with them…it will be dallas and philly battling for this division

  • GiantsCauseway

    Philly will crush Dallas. Defenses will learn they don’t have to cover Williams. Then Mc Nabb will get hurt again.Philly will struggle. The Giants will be a wild card when anything can happen.

  • Andrew Corselli

    BoysfromBigD: “frankly u had no business beating dallas earlier this yr”
    No business beating Dallas? They came into your stadium (on the grand opening, with your owner digging for gold up his nose, nevertheless) and beat you guys. Don’t be a bitch, you guys lost.
    As for the Giants right now, their secondary is banged up and injuries are running rampant on the team. Yeah, they looked like shit against the Iggs, but so did you clowns in that 44-6 debacle at the end of last year.

    Oh, by the way, the Cowgirls haven’t won a playoff game since Bill Clinton was in office. Maybe if you guys bring back more felons it will return Dallas to the glory days.

    Cowboys still suck, the G-Men will beat them anytime; depleted secondary or not.

  • BoysfromBigD

    oh nooooo! not another playoff joke hahaha…bottom line is that u guys are trash and overrated just like last yr when philly put it on that ass…don’t worry about 44-6, this is a differnet dallas team from last yr…have fun looking up at us in the standings tho

  • Andrew Corselli

    Trash…but they still beat the Cowboys. You can’t take that away from them.

  • BoysfromBigD

    ur right, I can’t take that from them, thankfully we get the giants again in dec for some payback

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