Giants: Season not doomed

Despite a piss-poor showing the past four weeks, the G-Men are not convinced their season is doomed. That makes one of us.

“We’ve learned from the past years it’s really the most important to be playing your best at the end of the season,” Eli said. “We have put ourselves in somewhat of a bind . . . it’s not a bind, we’re not in the exact position we want to be at 5-4, but it’s not an awful position. We got a chance. We got to have a great second half of the season.”

Not a bind? Damn right it’s not a bind; a bind is when you lose a game or two. This, my friend, goes beyond losing concentration and shitting the bed. This four-game slide is a catastophe of epic proportions.

The Giants are “capable of winning the championship,” Pierce said.

Yeah, the championship for choking on a fat cock. Instead of TALKING a big game, why don’t you go out and PLAY a big game. Get some help in the secondary and sac up. Put someone on their ass and MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!!!!! Here are a couple rules of thumb Antonio: 1 – Don’t let your star receiver shoot himself in the leg as you guys are getting ready for a playoff run; and 2 – Don’t let a Norv Turner-coached team beat you with 21 seconds left. Asshole.

Even at 38 years old I probably could start on this Giants D

Even at 38 years old I probably could start on this Giants D

“We definitely think we’re one of the best teams in the NFL, we just have to go out there and prove it from here on out,” Osi said.

No shit Sherlock. Damn right you have to prove it; this isn’t 2007 anymore. Go out there and win some fucking games. Stop being a bitch and actually put a team away in the fourth quarter. Maybe then people outside the organization will think you guys are one of the best teams in the NFL.

Now I realize that injuries have played a huge role in where the team is at, but Kevin Gilbride (Killdrive) is a fucking idiot and should be held responsible too. If that last drive against the Chargers didn’t prove it, I don’t know what will. Plus, it looks like Coughlin has gone soft. No more ‘my way or the highway.’  He seems like he just doesn’t give a shit anymore. Wake the fuck up and get your team ready to play when the Falcons come to town in two weeks.

Eli, how much longer do you think we can milk Super Bowl 42 for?

Eli, how much longer do you think we can milk Super Bowl 42 for?

Despite my negativity earlier in this post, I don’t think the Giants’ season is definitely over; but they will have to play near-flawless football from here on out if they want to make the playoffs. They still got Atlanta, @Denver, Cowgirls, Iggles, @Skins, Panthers, @Vikes. If they take all the division games (which is a big if) and win two of the others, then I think they can finagle the Wild Card at 10-6. It’s not likely, but stranger things have happened.

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