Best. Bye week. Ever.

Fresh off the greatest bye week in the history of the NFL, the Giants have a chance to repair what was thought to be a broken season. Don’t get me wrong they still head into this Falcons tilt on a four-game slide, but after the Iggs and Cowboys both lost on Sunday things are looking up in the NFC East.

Cowgirls: 6-3, Iggs: 5-4, G-Men: 5-4, Foreskins: 3-6. I’ll take that at this point, but imagine if the Giants didn’t lose the last four games…

Dallas looked like absolute dog shit, might I add. Green Bay should have put up a goose egg in that one. If the ‘Skins can find a way to beat Dallas next week and the Raiders pull off some miracle the following week, the NY-Dallas game will be quite interesting. Come on Romo, it’s time to shit the bed! Wade, it’s time to molest your daughter Mackenzie! Roy Williams, keep dropping passes!

I didn’t see the Philly game (or any of the early games due to unfortunate circumstances) but McNabb’s numbers were mind boggling. Holy shit I’m scared of that guy. I hate to say it, because I would never seriously wish injury on anybody, but I hope Westbrook doesn’t play for the rest of the season (or at least until after the Giants game). That’s the best thing that could have happened for the G-Men; Westy always kills the Giants.

I hate you Brian Westbrook, I hate you!

I hate you Brian Westbrook, I hate you!

Moving on, I think the Giants have a good shot against Atlanta this coming Sunday. Big Blue is all rested up and if the secondary performs they’ll take down the Dirty Birds. If Tuck and Co. can get pressure on Matty Ice, it’s all over. Then again if Mike Turner runs rampant, or Roddy White carves up the d-backs it could also be over.

Fans of irony should get a kick out of this picture

Fans of irony should get a kick out of this picture


It’s not looking good, as the last time these two teams met in a Week 11 game at Giants Stadium the Falcons pulled out a victory. Plus it seems the visiting team usually prevails in this matchup.
Come on Eli, its time to prove to everyone the season isnt doomed

Come on Eli, it's time to prove to everyone the season isn't doomed


Prediction: G-Men 24, Falcons 21 (OT)
Elsewhere in the NFC East: Foreskins pull off HUGE 24-17 upset of the Cowgirls; Iggs fall in Chi-town, 27-13, on Sunday night. Over/Under for how many times Al Michaels and/or Collinsworth mentions D-Mac is from Chicago: 5.5

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