Happy Holidays

Dear Santa:

All I want this year is for the G-Men to win out

And perhaps another Dallas December Decline, no doubt

If I’m not pushing my luck, I could use a postseason win or two; that’d be fun

A Manning against Manning Super Bowl? Thanks, I’d love another 18-1!

If you can’t deliver, oh well, it’s no big thing

‘Cause the Yanks just stomped out of Philly and claimed their 27th ring!!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody


Happy Holidays from GMENHQ!

Happy Holidays from GMENHQ!

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  • KD

    All that money and the mouth-breather just couldn’t pull through.

    Not only did Dallas completely crush the talk of a December swoon, they made the playoffs and the Giants didn’t.

    Should have spent your money on a good quarterback. Or just paid Streaky Eli what he’s worth.

    Every team in the NFC East faired better than the Giants.

    The Cowboys and Eagles both get to go to the playoffs, where GOOD teams go.

    And the Redskins get a sweet draft choice.

    The Giants spent all of their money on a QB who can’t breathe through his mouth and nose at the same time and now they get to sit on their asses and watch real teams play.

    Oh well I’m sure you’ll all be pulling for the cap to be removed so you can spend billions trying to squeeze out a couple of championships every decade, a lot like the yankees.

    Sucks to be a G-String.

  • Andrew Corselli

    Fair enough. The G-Men are not going to playoffs for the first time in a long time. You’re right. However, lest we forget how the Giants swept the shit out of Dallas. Good luck trying to win a playoff game…It hasn’t happened since Clinton was in office. Romo and the Cowgirls still suck, you scumbags will go one and done. Mark my words.

  • KD

    Consider them marked.

    And if every time you swept the Cowboys, the post season outcome looked like this, I’d let you sweep EVERY TIME.

    Glad you found SOMETHING to hang your hat on after this season.

    Also I really don’t see how missing the playoffs “for the first time in a long time” makes you feel any better. Especially when it was only 4 seasons and 2 of them were “one and done,” one was a bye week then a loss, and one was the superbowl that patrick crayton, asante samuel, and david tyree GIFTED to Eli Manning.

    Face it, if Philip Rivers was on the Giants he’d have 2 rings in AT LEAST as many appearances, I wouldn’t be here talking shit, and the Giants would be FEARED.

    Eli blows, he’s overpaid and a whiny little bitch.