RIP Giants season

It was fun while it lasted, but it seems the Giants season has come to a close. If they continued to play the way they did on Sunday, it would be a very short postseason anyway. Regardless, that was a shitty way to send off Giants Stadium.

This picture just about sums up the Giants season

This picture just about sums up the Giants season

After getting stomped by Carolina on Sunday the G-Men have been officially eliminated from playoff contention. It’s just as well, with that secondary there was no way the Giants could make a run. I just hope they fire Sheridan, he was an ass and a lot of the players hated him. I guess it’s not his fault, with all the injuries and everything, but it seemed he tried to do too much and not let the players play. It’s a moot argument now, but he better not be there when the 2010 season begins.

Oh well, New York can’t win every sports title. I’ll just take solace in knowing that Dallas will not make it far in the tourney. Philly, on the other hand, could make some noise on the NFC side, but I think the Chargers will take home the Lombardi Trophy this season.

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  • KD

    We’ll see how much noise Philly makes when they get swept in the regular season by the Cowboys.

    Then again that obviously means little, as the Giants swept the Cowboys and they were obviously worthless.

    And in 2007 the Giants were swept by the Cowboys and they conquered Dallas (thanks to Patrick Crayton missing a perfect pass through his hands to set up for a field goal) then won the Superbowl.

    (Eli still sucks)

  • Andrew Corselli

    Let Romo win ONE playoff game and then talk shit

  • KD

    Will you even still be around after he wins one in two weeks?

    You’re only angry because you know it’s true. He went 11/25 against the Cowboys… Now you tell me. Was that game won BECAUSE of Eli? Or in spite of Eli?

    The dude’s bush league.

  • KD

    Guess not… Owned.

  • Brian

    Bush league? Yeah must be Bush league since he has a super bowl ring, has won on the road and has proven to be a pretty solid qb. Please enough about romo and how great he is.. that’s the problem with you Dallas fans, you could be 5-11 and you still think your the best team in the league. *sigh* it never gets old.

  • KD

    Trent Dilfer has a superbowl ring too, jackass.

    Eli can thank Patrick Crayton, Asante Samuel, and David Tyree for that ring. If you don’t understand why, go watch the Superbowl run again.

    Eli has the lowest career passer rating IN THE NFC EAST. He’s barely got a better one than David Carr!

    A solid QB typically completes more than 50% of his passes… Eli is not solid.

    I’m terrified of the Giants… well, I was before the last couple of games but I still think they’re a force to be reckoned with…

    But I’m so glad they have Eli and not Rivers, that’s the reason the Cowboys can even contend for a wild card or division spot.

    Don’t give me that Superbowl ring bullshit when the Giants won IN SPITE OF Eli, not BECAUSE OF.

    At least Dilfer could drive the bus, Eli tried to wreck it but got bailed out on AT LEAST three different occasions.

    So. To dissect your comment.

    … must be Bush league since he has a superbowl ring

    (In spite of himself, not because of)

    … has won on the road…

    He was on the road because he couldn’t get his team home field, and only won on the road because of his team’s prowess and a few gifts from other teams

    … has proven to be a pretty solid qb

    Do I need to bring up the past few games, much less his streaky career? He can be deadly, fortunately it’s rare and rarely consistent.

    Anything else, BRIAN?