Sheridan out as G-Men D-Coordinator

Tom Coughlin gave (former) defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan the boot Monday afternoon following an 8-8 season that left a lot to be desired on the defensive side of the ball. This was definitely the right move and I’ve been calling for the G-Men to pull the trigger on this decision for a while now.

Cmon, gimme one more season!

C'mon, gimme one more season!

In Sheridan’s “defense,” there were a lot of injuries to the D; the secondary was banged up, Pierce was hurt and a lot of other players were dropping since mini camp. You can’t fault a guy if his players aren’t healthy.

That being said, the D gave up a mind-boggling 427 points, looked like shit for the better part of the season and clearly gave up down the stretch. Plus, Osi and other guys didn’t like him and didn’t want to play for him. You can’t have that. Canning this guy was the best decision the team could have made. John Mara did good.

Oh well, at least Spagnuolo got what he deserved. I hope he’s happy.

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  • John

    Who do you think will replace Bill Sheridan?

  • GiantsCauseway

    The traffic in the city will be snarled by the dancing in the streets. Look for Coughlin crony Dick Jauron to get the nod.

  • KD

    The Giants’ defense was destroyed by injuries, maybe it was partly the coordinator but you can’t expect a great track star to be so great with only one of their lungs…

    Get rid of Eli and then see who’s dancing in the streets when your season makes a 180 degree turn next year.

  • Andrew Corselli

    Eli has a Super Bowl ring, Romo has never won a playoff game. Who should get rid of who? Don’t be angry cause the Cowgirls will be one-and-done, again, this year.

  • Brian Harding

    Spags is a great guy looking to make the next step in his career. No need to wish him ill will. I know people who know him from his hometown and he’s as nice and good a guy as you’ll ever find. I wish him well in LA and I hope maybe he’ll be back someday in the future. Life’s funny that way, especially in the NFL coaching carousel.

  • KD

    Lol I provide all of these great facts and you refuse to answer back, so I’ll regress to one of them, and see what you have to say. This one’s in response to some jackass, Brian, who used your same arguement:

    Trent Dilfer has a superbowl ring too, jackass.

    Eli can thank Patrick Crayton, Asante Samuel, and David Tyree for that ring. If you don’t understand why, go watch the Superbowl run again.

    Eli has the lowest career passer rating IN THE NFC EAST. He’s barely got a better one than David Carr!

    A solid QB typically completes more than 50% of his passes… Eli is not solid.

    I’m terrified of the Giants… well, I was before the last couple of games but I still think they’re a force to be reckoned with…

    But I’m so glad they have Eli and not Rivers, that’s the reason the Cowboys can even contend for a wild card or division spot.

    Don’t give me that Superbowl ring bullshit when the Giants won IN SPITE OF Eli, not BECAUSE OF.

    At least Dilfer could drive the bus, Eli tried to wreck it but got bailed out on AT LEAST three different occasions.

    So. To dissect your comment.

    … must be Bush league since he has a superbowl ring

    (In spite of himself, not because of)

    … has won on the road…

    He was on the road because he couldn’t get his team home field, and only won on the road because of his team’s prowess and a few gifts from other teams

    … has proven to be a pretty solid qb

    Do I need to bring up the past few games, much less his streaky career? He can be deadly, fortunately it’s rare and rarely consistent.

    And in regards to Romo… if he were on the Giants he’d have at least one ring (in only 3 years) and finish with 3 or 4, likely. The Giants are a good team, just have a bad QB. Romo’s been on some bad teams, he’s still a great QB.

  • Brian

    Typical Giants hater bashing Eli… We see it every year and laugh and give a slight yawn. Last three seasons:

    2007- 3,336 yards 23 TD 20 INT (10-6)- Superbowl
    2008- 3,238 yards 21 TD 10 INT (12-4)- Playoffs
    2009- 4,021 yards 27 TD 14 INT (8-8)- Missed Playoffs.

    2006- Playoffs with 8-8
    2005- Playoffs with 11-5 record

    pretty good track record of getting into the playoffs and winning a ring. face it.. don’t know a guy just because you don’t like him.

  • KD

    THE TEAM is good.

    THE TEAM wins IN SPITE of Eli.

    Now to your numbers…

    He had one “good” year…

    The “good” year, Patrick Crayton missed an easy pass by Tony Romo that would have set up an easy field goal that would have iced the game, thus they advance IN SPITE OF Eli. The next game Asante Samuel missed an easy pick that would have iced the game. Thus they advance again, IN SPITE OF Eli. Then in the Superbowl he almost pissed me off and blew it with that dumbass wide open mouthed prayer throw to David Tyree (amazing, despite being lucky, catch). That set them up to win IN SPITE OF Eli.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but was the Superbowl year the only year they got out of the first round? They may have advanced another year…

    Either way, the point is his passer rating is total shit so your numbers mean dick. If they had Rivers they’d be destroying. Manning is deadly at times but it’s usually rare and he’s inconsistent. He clearly cannot put a team on his shoulders, but he’s got a good team that doesn’t need that, thankfully for him.

    He’s a Trent Dilfer that can’t breathe through his nose.

  • Andrew Corselli

    “If they had Rivers they’d be destroying.” Yeah, and if your sister had a cock she’d be your brother.

    Regardless of all the (ignorant) shit you just talked on Eli, TONY ROMO HAS NEVER (EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER)WON A PLAYOFF GAME. EVER. So until that closet fag brings home a win in January keep your DSLs shut.

    Also, easy money this week: moneyline the Iggles, they’re +175. No chance in hell Dallas beats Philly thrice in one season. Romo’s skirt will get pulled up (yet again) and the Cowgirls will still not have won a playoff game since Clinton’s first term.

  • KD

    Wow… Way to completely debunk everything I said… Oh wait… you didn’t. Make it about ROmo if you want but it’s about ELi. If he hadn’t whined his way out of San Diego the Giants would be a force, having the ‘hottest qb in December’ with 9 TDs almost 250 yards per game and 3 int. Oh but you want to make this about Romo… Who had more yards per game, as many tds, and only 2 ints… both off of the hands of his receivers.

    If you want a redo on actually REFUTING some of my last post, go for it. Otherwise just admit Eli ain’t worth the money or the shadow of peyton he’ll always stand in.

  • KD

    Eagles +175 is not a deal, either.

    They’ve won 11 games but zero against teams with a winning record. That right there is enough of a stat to realize there may be some value in the Boys.

    Stop being ignorant and look at some facts. The Giants had some injuries this year but throw those aside and see that, yeah they’ve got a pretty good team. But Eli is hampering them. They’re winning in spite of him, rather than because of him. Great Quarterbacks, I mean the elite, they win BECAUSE of their QB. Granted there’s only a couple of those that come to mind… Sometimes Brett Favre, usually Peyton Manning, used to Tom Brady. But Eli’s getting paid more than them and he can’t even breathe through his nose, and Jason Campbell has a higher career passer rating.

    See ya after the Cowboys game to see if you eat your words, but you’ll probably just say “Oh well they’ll lose next game!” If they some how win the Superbowl you’ll say “They won’t win next year!”


  • KD

    Wow… so how much did you put on the Eagles? I marked your words cunt, what now??????

  • Andrew Corselli

    Congrats. You guys looked good.

  • KD

    Ouch… Why’d you have to high road me man?

  • Andrew Corselli

    Just giving credit where credit is due.

  • Andrew Corselli

    Wow KD. Just, WOW. Talk about shitting the bed; same old Cowgirls. You have to have known that Romo wouldn’t keep that up. That was almost as good as a Giants win.