A Giant Met Misery

Good morning, a Giant Thursday to you all!  We interrupt our regular Giant talk to reign in on the state of the Mets, at this point, I simply can’t help myself and I need to vent so as to prevent popping a blood vessel in my dome. 

Frankie Rodriguez, another Mets free agent signing that has started to go south.  Really Frankie, Really?  After yet another scoreless gem by Johan Santana, the Mets come away with an extra inning loss after Frankie blows a 1-0 9th inning lead.  Can Mets fans take much more of this?  What does Santana have to do to get a win?  Forget about Santana having another huge outing, where is the offense?  David Wright’s strikeout total continue to rise, Jason Bay is hitting, but I hardly think the Mets are paying him all that dough to be a glorified singles hitter, and the return of Carlos Beltran is no where in sight.  Nice, real nice. 

After Santana and Pelphrey, the rotation is in shreds.  Rookie lefthander Jonathan Niese is almost ready to rejoin the rotation, but no roster spots are available as Ollie Perez continues to refuse an assignment back to AAA, so to bring up Niese, someone else other than the most deserving Ollie, have to be shipped out to Buffalo.  Nice Oliver, you can’t pitch so instead you have found a way to hurt your team without even taking the mound, you should be proud of yourself.  And, for a team desperate to establish some depth and excitement behind Santana and Pelphrey, why are the Mets still refusing to send rookie Jenrry Mejia back to Buffalo and stretch him out to start?  Even if you don’t bring up Mejia until after the All Star break, isn’t he the best rotation option in the immediate future without sacrificing young talent, which is not abundant in the Mets organization? 

Stay Blue!

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