Does Tony Romo Consider Eli Manning Elite?

Funny story – I saw an article the other day basically hinting that although Wade Phillips aready considers his QB to be among the NFL elites, Tony Romo feels like he needs to win a championship before he can be considered an elite QB. The article was given it’s due attention by yours truly, and although my initial feeling was to post something about Eli Manning never getting the acknowledgment that he is among the elite QB’s in the league by comparison of his winning record and 2007 Superbowl MVP title, I decided to sit on that notion.

Michael Lombardi did rank Romo up there at the blue chip level, after all.

But today, NFC East blogger Matt Mosley has the Tony Romo segment again in one of his posts:

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips believes Romo’s already at (the elite) level, but the quarterback disagrees.

“You’re judged at the quarterback position by wins and Super Bowls and things of that nature,” said Romo, now 38-17 as a starter. “I love the tradition and the history of the game. You set out to accomplish certain goals, and right at the top, the only way to be included in any talk of anything is to go out and win championships.”

Then Mosley goes on to ask the inevitable question:

So I’m curious where you guys would rank Romo right now among NFL quarterbacks. Is he knocking on the door of the top 5 or does he need to win more playoff games first?

Is Romo the best quarterback in the Beast or does Eli Manning’s ring trump him?

Regardless of total rankings, the correct answer of course is Eli trumps him. Take a look at their playoff records:

Eli Manning: (4*-3)
Tony Romo:  (1-3)

*includes Superbowl

That to me says it all.  But instead of solely focusing on my own personal view, I’d like to have a bit of fun and ask sort of a rhetorical question, and it’s only rhetorical in the sense that he’s not going to answer me directly so the question has to speak for itself on some level. But thinking about what the quarterback himself said about what makes you an elite player:

Tony Romo… do you think Eli Manning is an elite quarterback?

Think about it. Given his comments above, how could he not answer in the affirmative?  Would he dare say Eli Manning is the exception to the rule?  Would he say the victory over the Patriots in Superbowl 42 doesn’t count because Frank Caliendo was the only ‘analyst’ to pick the Giants to win?  Strahan and the defense did it all?  What could he say other than yes?

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  • Andrew Ilnicki

    Update: Carucci uses the term “ultra-elite” to lend to the problem of categorization in the elite quarterback conversation:

    “And Romo, per a piece I did earlier this week for, understands he won’t be viewed as an ultra-elite QB until he has a Super Bowl ring … even with some career stats better than Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and even Joe Montana.”

    Sounds like Carucci is saying Romo is already elite, but won-t be ULTRA elite unless he wins a ring.

  • Padua

    It’s a very interesting question…I for one, think Eli is the better qb out of the two, although I see Romo as a great qb too.

    I’d like to see him answer this…Actually, I’d like to all the qbs in the league answer that

    • Andrew Ilnicki

      Thanks. I’d like to see Romo answer it as well!

  • Jerry

    This is such a stupid article. Thats like saying Ben Roethlisberger is better than Peyton Manning because hes has 2 superbowl rings compared to Mannings 1. Thats retarded. Peyton Manning is easily better, just as Tony Romo is a better and more talented quarterback than Eli Manning. Eli looks as if he has down syndrome… You claim eli is better because this is a stupid giants website. Are you dumb? Giants fans dont even like Eli Manning. Im sorry but you have to be out of your mind to think Eli Manning is better than Tony Romo. Eli won his superbowl because of a great defense (pass rush). If you compare Romo’s stats to Eli’s its not even close. Thats like saying fucking Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marion!?!?!? This article is so biased and stupid it bothers me that you actually have permission to have articles like this. Your fucking stupid.

    • Andrew Ilnicki

      Jerry Jones, is that you?

    • mbertr1071

      dear jerry,
      I am a giants fan. and I like MOST giants fans Love Eli Manning! We have watched him grow and become a quiet and respected leader and teamate. How dare you say he looks like he has down syndrome….what do looks have to do with playing football? i could say your ignorant comment makes you beyond retarded. but that is being too kind and insulting people that obviously have more intelligence than you.
      Yes. oue defensr played exceptional ball and were instrumental in the superbowl victory…not sure where you were when Eli led an 84 yard drive to score and give us the lead. Or where you were during the streak that led us to the superbowl.
      Eli may not be assertive and loud and outspoken like many quarterbacks, however he has a demeanor tha this teammates have come to understand and respect. You dont have to be loud,and obnoxiousto be a good leader and a good quarter back. Eli does his job,and EVERY year has improved. no he is not an elite quarter back, YET…Either is Romo for that matter. Most 5 full year quarterbacks havent played long enough to be in the elite status. but mark my words. He will be an elite player! He may not be a show boat like you think quarterbacks should be, but he plats the game well, improves every year, even playing with less, produced more,even with an injured offensive line.and injured running backs. He is the consumate team player, humble,grateful and giving. you should hope that all quarter backs strived to be like Eli Manning,and all the Mannings. Giving to their communities, helping when ever they can and whom ever they can. they are a family we should all strive to be like! Go ahead and call him what you like….All you are doing is showing us that you are school in July….. NO CLASS! GOOOOO ELI and GOOOO GIANTS!

    • Padua

      Wow, really?? You’re gonna come with stupid? You say a QB cannot be measured only by SB wins, and you have a point, however, your justification on why Romo is better than Eli is moot. If stats actually meant something, people would say that Daunte Culpepper(87.8 QB rating) is better than Troy Aikman (81.6) and John Elway (79.9). Like I said, stats don’t mean anyhing. I base my evaluation on Eli and Romo’s play on the field, where I consider Eli to be more of a clutch player than Romo, who has a history of faltering undr pressure and screaming at his teammates for it.

      That being said, I don’t mean to say Romo is not a great player, because he is. He is just the type of QB anyone would want their teams, athletic, accurate, smart…I just see Eli as a better overal QB. Eli’s arm is stronger, as is his poise in the pocket. Eli’s persona has a calming feeling around him that inspires trust in his teammates and fans.

      And in thse drives on the final seconds of a game when the Giants are behind he just takes over the team and carries them in his back. That is, in my opinion, what separates the two.

      Make no mistakes, us Giants fans LOVE Eli.

  • August

    Romo isn’t elite, yet, and neither is Eli. There are currently 3 active QB’s in the NFL that are elite…Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Brett Favre. All leaugue MVP winners. Drew Brees is knocking on the door, and Kurt Warner is an elite QB that just left the game. Elite QB’s are QB’s that are consistently good over a long period of time, they need to put up solid stats or win multiple championships, preferably both. They need to be the reason their team wins, not just along for the ride.

    • Andrew Ilnicki

      Well aside from the fact that Eli has over 15 4th quarter drives to win the game for his team… I agree with you. But time will tell who is a bona fide “elite”. I think Eli gets there some day in the majority of peoples’ eyes.

      I actually like Carucci’s term ‘ultra-elte’ because it puts the super stars in a separate category from the stars. I think Romo does get trumped by Eli’s ability to take the team on his shoulders and come out on top, and he’s got the last minute drive in the Superbowl to prove it.

      I’ll admit, Romo isn’t bad or anything – but Eli does trump him in this argument because of his accomplishments. I believe Eli will prove to be and elite quarterback and if he gets another championship, there is certainty it will be accepted by most.

      • August

        Any elite talk is premature. We’ll find out in 6-7 years who is elite. It may be that both Romo and Eli will become elite. Eli has a Superbowl, so that puts him currently in the lead, but Romo has much more consistent numbers, although Eli looks to have turned the corner last year with his numbers.

        Romo has taken his team on his shoulders, perhaps even more than Eli, because their defense, until recently, hasn’t been consistent. Romo just might get his Superbowl this year. The Cowboys looked pretty primed, and if you analyze teams around the league, they have the fewest question marks. If Romo gets his Superbowl, will that put him above Eli? I don’t know, it’s just not that clear cut.

        Again, elite is “earned” over time. Having a conversation about anybody other than the 4 I have mentioned is premature.

  • Adam MacDonald

    Kevin Kolb is the elite QB in the NFC East!

    I kid.

    • Andrew Ilnicki

      When does Vick take over the helm?

  • Brad Smith

    Please, take a look at this article from BBV. It lists the only six quarterbacks in NFL history to throw for over 3000 yards and 20 tds in 5 consecutive seasons. You might be surpsrised to find who’s on the list and who isn’t.

    • Andrew Ilnicki

      Great find Brad. thanks

  • corey

    Eli blows hes a horrible QB. Every giant fan i know cant stand Eli, the only thing that keeps their team alive is their running game. Jacobs and Bradshaw are beasts. Romo is elite. Eli is a joke. The back up Carr was 10x better than Eli the only reason hes still playing is because his last name is Manning.

  • Andrew Ilnicki

    A little late to the party, but regardless, every Giants fan you know certainly wouldn’t be a scientific measure by any standards, even for Cowgirls fans.

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