Coughlin and Rolle Talk It Out

The other day Antrel Rolle went on WFAN and listed a few items that were concerning to him about the Giants / Colts game, they included:

  • the team sitting around in the hours and days before the game contributed to the Giants coming out flat
  • the team was “way too relaxed”
  • the team didn’t prepare themselves enough for the road game against the Colts
  • the defensive game plan was not necessarily “right”, but it was not “wrong” either.
  • there was a lack of execution even when the plays were called correctly.
  • no one stepped up to the plate as a leader in the locker room

And you know what?  He is NOT the only one that feels that way.  I personally talked to Kenny Phillips last night on the phone (more on that later) and he echoed Rolle’s sentiments and reasons why the Giants ‘came out flat’ against the Colts.

To get the view from the top, Tom Coughlin had a presser today and simply addressed the fact that he and Rolle sat down to talk about Rolle’s interview:

Q: Were you disappointed with what Antrel Rolle said yesterday?
A: Antrel and I had a conversation yesterday afternoon as well. I think that, although the conversation remains private, it was a good conversation and I think he understands better the circumstance.

Q: Do you know what he meant by “too controlling?”
A: I’m not going to talk about the conversation.

Antrel Rolle talked to Mike Garafolo today and did not back down from his statements:

“I’m not a confrontational guy. I just felt it needed to be said. Maybe my sources of who I broadcasted it to was wrong. I told Coach Coughlin that. But what was said has been said.”

“Other guys around here, just because it’s not being said doesn’t mean they don’t feel that way. And I was relaying that message on behalf of the team. I was expressing what I felt, but it was also a relayed message on behalf of the team.”

“Coach and myself we had our own talk yesterday. We had a great talk and I think he understood where I was coming from. He also had some questions of his own and we kind of relayed things back and forth. Coach Coughlin and myself, we have a great relationship. It’s never been bitter. Things around the organization have never been bitter, but it raised some concerns after the game come Sunday.”

On being a leader himself:

“If it happens to play out that way then it is what it is. The issue has definitely been talked about. I don’t think the entire team has been talked to, but that’s something that also needs to take place. I’m just looking for a win and I take this game very seriously, I take my craft very seriously. In order for us to be as good as I know we can be, we’re going to have to come together.”

I personally like the fact that Rolle spoke out about these issues, and I’m glad Coughlin got a view from the locker room that things aren’t completely settled there.  It’s only week 2 — corrections will be made.  It took longer than 2 weeks for the Giants to buy into Steve Spagnuolo’s defense too…. don’t forget.

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