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The Blue-print

Let’s get the obvious clichés out of the way first, pressure on the quarterback on defense and no turnovers on offense. Of course we need to pressure the quarterback that’s what we’re known for especially a QB that allegedly doesn’t know the playbook that well, he might have some trouble with hot reads also, press the receivers and bump them off the routes to make the pressure on Donovan that much more potent. NO TURNOVERS THEY ARE BAD FOR TEAM SUCCESS!

OK now that we got that out of the way lets go to what I like to call “The Blue-print” things that go unnoticed but are just as or even more critical to the Giants coming out with a ‘W’. There are a few things that have been looked over when talking about the Giants recent struggles.

What it takes to win

Is 1st down D more important then 3rd down D?

Yes! At least for the Giants it has been. Ever since the Cowboys game where they were gashed on 1st down the defense hasn’t looked the same. The Giants were allowing around 3 yards on first down which I believe led them to be so effective on 3rd down. I believe this week we get back to being stingy on 1st down.

Counter the Redskins strength

The strength of the Redskins might be the only thing going for them and that’s there pass rushers. If we keep the playbook simplified for another week we need to do more screens and misdirection. (note. Counter runs with Brandon Jacobs does not count) God only knows how much I hate that. I want to see that middle screen we threw to Ward against the Redskins in Washington D.C in 2008, I want to see a good feel for the draw play. Before I used to hate how obvious it was when we ran the draw but now I never see it.

Predictions: I think the Giants are going to control the clock most of the game. The Redskins will score early but after that the defense is going to put it on them and keep them out of the end-zone the rest of the day

Giants win 20 – 7

Things I don’t want to see


I feel so strongly about this that I don’t want to talk about anything else to close this out. DO NOT RUSH ANYONE BACK ON TO THE FIELD AND CAUSE THEM TO RE-INJURY THEMSELVES! I’m specifically talking about Diehl because we’re doing perfectly fine at pass protection (0 sacks since Oct.25th) and our running game has been solid. Hamstrings are very easy to re-injury, I’ve never hurt it before but that’s what my boy Ross told me lol. I think he should be used as a sixth man this weekend and possibly as the blocking TE. After watching Andrews shut-out Trent Cole, if healthy he might be the best man for the job when Philly comes to our house. My main point is we can’t afford re-injury heading into the playoffs, if we play our cards right we can head into the game against the Eagles with a full squad.

I hope “The Speech” sparked this defense for a run, let the dogs loose!

If you have any other things you might find important, leave a comment and let’s talk Giants over a pig roasting! Go Giants

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