Sal Alosi "The Sideline Stumbler" Trips Up The New York Jets

Sal Alosi, the New York Jets Strength and Conditioning Coach, spoke about the potential consequences that may be taken against him for his despicable sideline tripping of Miami Dolphins CB Nolan Carroll, “whatever the disciplinary actions are, I’m going to accept them. It’s on me.”

Well, what other choice does he have? He opened the press conference earlier today by saying, “Once again, I’d like to apologize.” Does anyone really think that Alosi is legitimately sorry for this heinous act? Or is his remorse more about getting caught? Would he have been so forthcoming with an apology if the video cameras didn’t capture, unequivocally, his blatant act or would he have fought tooth and nail professing his innocence if there were a lack of evidence?

The NFL seems to be much more lenient on its players than the NCAA. Over the last two years alone, the NCAA have used their iron fist to squash out practices that go against the grain. Alabama Crimson Tide was stripped of 21 wins over a three year period. USC were stripped of 30 scholarships and banned from any Bowl appearances for a period of two years. They rallied to take Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy away for illegal practices. Should the NFL take a few lessons from the NCAA?

What message will the NFL send THIS time with their actions, or lack thereof, against Sal Alosi? What message did they send by allowing Michael Vick to return to the NFL? What message did they send by allowing Ray Lewis to continue to play? Spygate? Spygate II? Going by the “standards” that the NFL have set with their “disciplinary actions”, tripping an opponent will probably not bring down the thunder. Just make sure you don’t tackle leading with your helmet!

Whatever the NFL chooses, or doesn’t choose to do, the fact remains that Sal Alosi is a classless individual who is not fit to be on the playing field. An interesting fact, Alosi and Michael Vick were both a part of the Atlanta Falcons in 2006. Vick was arrested for pointing a firearm at a group of teenagers and for possession of marijuana that same year. Just what does Alosi teach in his “strength and conditioning” practices anyway?

“I wasn’t thinking” is one of the explanations that Alosi gave in his press conference earlier today. We are expected to believe that Sal “The Sideline Stumbler”, a coach in the NFL- in the midst of a game, lost all sense of time, space and reasoning. It seems to me that the New York Jets not only need to fire Alosi but also their PR department for poor press conference coaching.

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