Blitz: Bear Pascoe Is The Key

Yes, the offensive line has overcome injuries and Rich Seubert, Chris Snee and Kareem McKenzie are all having tremendous years. But Pascoe has offered that extra bit of insurance with his run blocking that has turned 5-yard gains into 10- and 12-yard gains for Jacobs and Bradshaw. Getting into the second level of the defense has been a matter of consistency for the Giants backfield, Pascoe leading the charge is more often than not the reason why.

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  • Jim Tierney


    Are you having a bromance with The Bear? Kidding aside he has done a steady job, BUT, as we have heard time and time again the O-Line is the key. They have done such a good job on the down linemen, that has allowed Bear to take advantage of his size and quickness, yes even at his size he has quick feet, to handle the LB’s & DB’s. He had decent hands as well, but lets not keep him in the backfield once we get a healthy FB. Personally I think Bear has a slight advantage over Boss for TE next year. Just my opionion. BTW, you have a great job!

    • Andrew Ilnicki

      I mentioned the oline has done a terrific job, but getting into that second level of the defense is consistently Bear. He’s keeping those running lanes WIDE open — something Hedge was not able to do consistently even last year. Even for a blocking FB – Bear shreds Hedge. Once you get into the consistency of passing and catching for first downs… it’s no contest.

      Bear is that extra ingredient often looked over as to the reason why the Giants are moving the ball as well as they are.