Giants Friday Headlines

The Giants’ game plan on Nov. 21 in Philadelphia against Michael Vick truly worked like a charm . . . until the object of the painstaking exercise bobbled a snap on fourth-and-one and still managed to get a pitch barely past Osi Umenyiora that LeSean McCoy took 50 yards to put the Eagles ahead for good.

The Eagles have won five straight against the Giants.

In the NFL that’s an eternity. Enough is enough.

That was the clear message that came out of the Giants’ locker room yesterday. In the parlance of players, here is one saying that makes football so much fun: “It’s time to put on your big-boy pads.”

Jackson, whose simmering anger over the lack of a new contract keeps threatening to boil over, said repeatedly he “could care less” about Vick’s opinion of Jackson’s controversial touchdown celebration last week at Dallas. “I could care less about who likes it or who doesn’t,” Jackson continued. “I do it for entertainment. That’s the type of business we’re in — entertainment. The fans like it, so anybody else. . . . You want to talk bad about it — that’s your opinion. I could care less.”
The Giants are in control of their own destiny, which is where every team wants to be in mid-December. Smack around the Eagles, win a game in Green Bay – if you remember, they had a positive experience on the frozen tundra a few years ago – and then take care of the Redskins, and they would win the NFC East and get a first-round bye with an outside shot at the No. 1 seed.

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