Week 15 Picks - NY Giants: Split Prediction

The team over at ESPN have once again gazed into their crystal balls to determine who will be this week’s winners in the NFL. It’s a split decision where the Giants game is concerned and rightly so.

Sunday’s Giants game is going to be a battle from start to finish. Whichever team lets their guard down, for even a second, will pay the price for it. It’s the biggest and most significant game of the season folks. Get ready! The ESPN crew have made some interesting picks this week. You can read more about my picks and thoughts on those games by clicking the link below.

I wont comment on the Chargers game since it already happened. But I picked ‘em. I swear.

Bengals vs Browns: Carson Palmer, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco go up against a team with only one true offensive weapon, Peyton Hills. While the Bengals have lost 10 consecutive games, there’s too much talent on that team to be kept down. This week, their losing streak comes to en end.

Cowboys vs Redskins: Dallas have been playing hard for interim coach Jason Garrett. The ESPN crew have all picked the Cowboys to win. I don’t see it happening. The Skins have suffered some tough losses lately. 2 of the last 3 games were within their grasp. McNabb has been the leading passer in the last 3 out of 4 games. They’ve lost the last 3 straight. This week, they gain some pride back and put egg on Jerry Jones’ face at home.

Texans vs Titans: It’s the battle for last place in the AFC South. Houston blew the Titans out the last time they played, leaving the Titans with only a goose egg. Schaub, Foster and Johnson are just too much for this Tennessee team.

Colts vs Jaguars: Peyton Manning has been having his share of struggles lately. This is an uphill battle for the Colts. A win against the Jaguars ties them for first and gets them closer to a spot in the playoffs. Peyton has the proven ability and experience to pull his team through. It will be a win for the Manning family all the way around this weekend.

Chiefs vs Rams: Kansas City are 3-0 against non conference opponents. A win against the Rams gives them a game up on the Chargers and a solid hold of first place. The Rams look to take hold of their division as well but Matt Cassell has more experience and will lead his team to victory.

Bills vs Dolphins: Despite a lopsided record, the Bills have played with heart this year. The Dolphins have struggled at home this season (1-5). The two teams are evenly matched. In the end, the Bills will leave Miami with the same home field issues that they have had all season long.

New York Giants vs Eagles: Read my in depth analysis here. Giants win.

Tampa Bay vs Detroit: The Bucs are playing for a lot more than saving face. They’re playing for an extended season. The Lions are 0-3 outside of their division and 0-6 on the road. The only thing the Lions can hope to score on their trip to Tampa are some stone crab. It’s in season!

Cardinals vs Panthers: The Panthers have lost 7 straight games. They’re 0-3 outside of their division. The Cardinals aren’t exactly doing much better. As bad as the Cards might be this year, they are still better than the Panthers. 8 game losing streak coming up.

Saints vs Ravens: This is going to be a very good game. Two very strong teams find themselves in second, fighting for the top spot in their respective divisions. The Saints have a better defense and they have the experience of a Super Bowl MVP. Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? The Saints will come marching in.

Seahawks vs Falcons: Yes, I picked the Seahawks to win. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. The Falcons are 5-2 on the road and on a 7 game winning streak. The Seahawks are vying for a playoff spot and first place of their division. Under normal circumstances I would say that the Falcons would walk away with this game. However, I think they will be going into this game with that approach and find themselves sorry for taking the Seahawks for granted.

Broncos vs Raiders: The entire ESPN crew picked the Raiders. I was the only one brave, or stupid, enough to take the Broncos. Oakland are 4-0 against their division. The Broncos are pretty banged up right now and no one is sure who will be on the playing field on Sunday. I think the Broncos can pull it together this week and break their 4 game losing streak.

Jets vs Steelers: This pick was easy. Troy Polamalu is out, some reports say. The Steelers site lists him as doubtful. The dynamic that he adds to the Steelers defense will definitely be missed this Sunday. Yes, he’s only one man but he is everywhere on that field. Pittsburgh has a very good offense and will put points on the board. But so do the Jets. Without Troy on the field, the Jets will have an easier time of getting it into the end zone. Keep the coaches away from the sidelines guys!

Patriots vs Packers: I’m going to have to agree with the ESPN team on this one. The two teams matchup well but Tom Brady has flowing locks of golden brown hair, like that of a thoroughbred’s mane whipping in the wind while riding a medieval dragon through the playgrounds of Camelot. Patriots win.

Bears vs Vikings: I think that the Viks are still in shock and going through the grieving process over the Giants limited them to 3 points last Monday night. The Bears are trying to maintain the lead in their division and extend their season. The Vikings are trying to focus on stopping Brett Favre from sending them lude text messages. How do you think he got that purple hand anyway? Da Bears!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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