Final Power Rankings: Giants Unmoved

week 18 power rankingsGiants end season as 12th most powerful NFL team according to ESPN

The Giants stayed at #12 to finish out the season after barely beating a prideful Washington Redskins team that finished at #26.  The Cowboys landed a few notches higher at #18, the Eagles of course topped the NFC East at #7.

All I can say is that everyone in the NFC East except the Eagles is going to be poised to have an even better year next year.  My rationale is simple, how could Michael Vick improve on the year he’s had? And further, how could opposing defenses not know how to stop him after the the way he’s played down the stretch.  He takes far too many hits head on, defenses are catching on to him, and the more he got hit the worse he looked.  The only exception is the Giants game — and I’ll be damned if lightning like that ever strikes again to the Giants.

Dallas will be better next year, I have no doubt.  As much as it pains me to admit it, that team showed heart going 1-7 and playing hard to end the season.  You can improve on that if Garrett continues to be the head coach… all signs point to yes right now.

Will the Redskins be better?  How can they not. The QB questions will of course be there as the draft approaches, but more OL tightening up and bringing back Ryan Torrain will shore up a couple of much needed fixes.  Another season learning the 3-4 scheme and getting on the same page will no doubt improve their defense as well.

As for the Giants — to paint with the widest brush and take an optimistic view, a few plays here and there cost them games.  One half of a quarter on defense cost them a post-season opportunity.  They had it for the taking this year and if they get back Kiwi, Hixon, Smith, Boss, Jacobs… and they always draft well — all told I think the Giants are going to have an even better 2011.

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