NFL Predictions - The Divisional Showdown - Survey Says, Jets Crash!

Round 2. The Divisional Playoff Game. Bring it or spend the next eight months wondering, “what if.” This weekend, many a fan will find themselves left without a voice but filled with another week of hope and team pride. Others will find themselves bewildered and in a state of despair. These are the NFL playoffs folks, ain’t nothing like ‘em!

We witnessed a WILD, Wildcard Weekend and as you can see, even the necromancers of ESPN got their crystal ball visions crossed. Can they make a comeback? There are no unanimous decisions this week. It’s anybody’s guess! Who am I going with? Did I fall flat on my face or rise to the challenge last week? Click on the link below to check out my predictions and game analysis.

First off, I have to give kudos to the Seattle Seahawks. These guys, and their entire division, have been ridiculed all year long as being the weakest corner of the NFL. Statistically, this is true. There wasn’t one member of the ESPN panel that thought the Seahawks could make it to the next round of the playoffs. Neither did I. It was definitely the upset of the week. On a selfish note, thank you to the Green Bay Packers for making the playoffs watchable for Giants fans everywhere. Although, the Eagles began their downslide (aka choke) weeks ago. Onto this week’s madness.

The Identical Twins Game Of The Week
Steelers vs Ravens: These two teams match up as if they were cut from the same cloth right now. Each team have their superstars, some are having a better year than others but not by much. This isn’t Ben Roethlisberger’s best year. He is down by over 1,000 passing yards from last year, which was his best. This, however, is Joe Flacco’s best year. But this is only his third season in the NFL. Both teams have a good defense. I would love to see Troy Polamalu vs Ray Lewis in a steel cage match during halftime. Moving on. As relatively equal as these two teams may be, I am going to have to go with the experience of the Steelers and their home field advantage. Steelers win.

The Behold The Power Of Cheese Game Of The Week
Packers vs Falcons: Folks, I’m a believer. Aaron Rodgers only threw for 180 yards last week against the Philadelphia Eagles. But in the last three games, Rodgers has thrown for 813 yards and 8 touchdowns. Atlanta had a week off to rest. The Pack have been bulldozing their way to the top and are playing their best football of the year. Green Bay visited Atlanta earlier in the year and lost by a field goal. I think the Cheese have enough momentum talent and determination to beat the Falcons at home this week. Packers win.

The How The Hell Did You Guys Make It Game Of The Week
Bears vs Seahawks: What Seattle did last week was truly unexpected. The team with the weakest record in the playoffs dethroned the reigning Super Bowl champions. It was inspirational. That was then. This is now. They have to take a road trip to ChiTown and if you have been playing along class, the Hawks are horrible on the road. Jay Cutler has been known to choke when the stakes were high. But with a week off and a Bears team at home in a playoff game…yeah..I am going with Chicago for at least one more week. Da Bears!

The My QB Is Cuter Than Your QB Game Of The Week
Jets vs Patriots: The Jets revved their motors up and bought into their own self concocted legend during the offseason. When the leashes were taken off, they came out…and fell flat on their face. But, they took their “Hard Knocks” and came out swinging the next week, manhandling the New England Patriots and re-establishing that very special sense of entitlement that they have carried around with them all season long. The Patriots are a very good team. Tom Brady, Bill Belicheat and the Patriots organization are probably expecting a Lombardi Trophy, like they expected it in the 07-08 season. The title of this game was a toss up between what I went with and “The Which Coach Has A Bigger Ego Game Of The Week.” Rex Ryan expects to win a Lombardi Trophy this year too. Ya know what? He just might be right. Jets win…Belichik remains a curmudgeon. The NY curse over the Patriots lives on.

And that my friends, is the “dilly yo.” UH!

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