Cowboys: Which Of The Departing Would You Want In NY Blue?

This week ESPN’s NFC East Guru Matt Mosely has broken down in detail all of the Dallas Cowboys that he thinks should stay for the 2011 season, and who should go.  It’s completely hypothetical of course, but based on who Mosely feels should go elsewhere next season – who would you want to see on the Giants roster in 2011.

Check out his article here, my picks are after the jump.

WR – Roy Williams

MM:  It’s time to say goodbye to this misunderstood gentleman. Roy’s a likable soul who sort of lost his courage along the way. Garrett can’t put up with Williams’ barbs to the media and alligator arms on the field. Go

What’s interesting about Williams as a prospect is that he’s used to being the star receiver, and he’s had time to deal with being the third option behind a rookie.  It may not be different in NY behind Hakeem Nicks in his third year, but Williams would certainly round out the receiving core with seasoned veteran among the youngsters. The Giants are going to need depth and competition at WR in 2011, they have shown they have been committed to the pass these past two seasons and they need all the weapons they can get.  Duke Calhoun may have made the team only for depth and special teams play — by all accounts he had no business on the football field in passing situations during the regular season.  Replace him with a seasoned veteran like Williams that can hit the ground running, can make big plays, and has a score to settle with his former team that he’ll be playing twice a year.   If Williams gets his shot elsewhere, the Giants should be on the list of teams giving him a “workout”.

FB – Chris Gronkowski

MM: He blew an assignment and got the starting QB knocked out for the season. Should’ve been cut on the spot. Go

The Cowboys were not impressed with Gronkowski’s blocking abilities and they reportedly have interest in Stanford’s Owen Marecic for the upcoming draft. PFF doesn’t exactly agree that Gronkowski was poor at anything — he was ranked #5 overall.  I would argue that the Giants need FB depth, as Madison Hedgecock was a complete disappointment the last 2 years in every respect.  As a blocking FB, he was awful.  As a pass catcher, there’s no need to even finish this thought.  Yet each and every summer Kevin Gilbride and Eli Manning show they are trying to get more out of their backfield when it comes to the passing game, and just haven’t found it yet apparently.  Bear Pascoe was a fantastic fill in as a blocker and pass catcher, but he was just that – a fill in.  Pascoe will likely make the roster next year in a TE/FB capacity again but the Giants are going to need an upgrade at FB to continue to give Eli options in the passing game.  Gronkowski may be the man for the job.  He has also actually run the ball a few times as well, something the Giants NEVER do.   You know what they say about diversity…

That for me is about it on the Go list.

CB Terence Newman and S Gerald Sensabaugh have shown they were way overrated.  Two reasons why the Cowboys secondary looked like the Giants’ 09 season.  I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.   In fact, I’d rather bring C.C. Brown back then take either one of these guys.

Add RB Marion Barber to that list as well, although there was a time in 2007 when he scared the life outta me.  Not the case anymore.  If anything, I like what I see from Tashard Choice more than anyone else in that backfield.

DE Jason Hatcher may look attractive at 6-6 315, but the Giants need to generate more pressure and rely on LBs to come up for help stopping the run… they don’t need space cloggers.   Of course, if Dallas somehow decided to unload Jay Ratliff or DeMarcus Ware — you’d have an easier time convincing me that the Giants should switch to a 3-4 scheme.

Leave a comment and let me know who you’d like to sign away from Dallas

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  • dscott

    Whereas I might be persuaded to give Roy Williams a look I must say that Placido Burress is an intriguing thought. A couple of years in the hoosegow (not necessarily fair but now may not be the time to discuss firearm laws) may have humbled the man where he respects his job and team. He does present ridiculous matchup problems for the opposition.

    Chris Gronkowski should be a no-brainer to be brought into camp. There was alot of blame to go around regarding the Cowboy’s season. I am not sure Gronk deserved to bear the brunt of it.
    He does possess the pedigree, size, decent speed(4.7-40)and youth one would be looking for. I surely would sign him if I could and bring him to camp. Coming back to NY (he is from Buffalo)would do him a world of good.

  • tyler smith

    I believe that the cowboys should trade away roy williams and marion barber. Possibly try to trade up and get fairley then try and sign asmougha from the raiders and get help on the o line. Have austin bryant as the 2 wr and then jones and choice as the 2 rb.