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Last week was all about LeBron, Terrelle, and Ohio State Football. I was bothered by some of the things I read, heard, and not followed up on and wanted your opinion.
We were told by Stephen A. Smith that he knew of personal problems that were bothering LeBron and effecting his performance. He stated on Colin Cowherd’s program after James had a miserable game 3, that we should leave LeBron alone because there were things that were none of our business, and that were making it difficult for him to perform. I guess those things only bothered LeBron for the first three quarters of the game, and then became so overwhelming that he just couldn’t cope through the 4th quarter of any game in the finals. How do people make statements like this with no follow-up? Is there something personal happening in LeBron’s perfect life? The one he is happy to return to while we all struggle through daily life? Maybe LeBron James should worry more about basketball and less about who likes him..but those are usually the life skills you learn in College, a step LeBron chose to skip.
This brings me to Terrelle Pryor former Qb of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Here is a young man that knowingly broke the rules of the NCAA. I am not going to say he broke any rules at Ohio State, because it seems everyone knew what was happening and looked the other way, or covered-up for the young man. What struck me as funny were the headlines that followed his leaving the University. Headlines like “Terrelle has no interest in the CFL.” “Terrelle not looking to join UFL” Terrelle wants to be an NFL Quarterback, not a wide receiver. Hasn’t this been the problem all along? That Terrelle gets to do whatever HE wants. I personally do not care what HE wants, he has put himself in a position that he will be lucky to get anything out of his sports life. Instead of apologizing, meeting with some key people in sports, like Tony Dungy, and working on repairing his image, he hires the most hated agent in football in Drew Rosenhaus, and makes a statement and allows for no questions.
Terrelle has some talent no doubt, but what he also has now is what NFL GM’s hate the most…a reputation of being untrustworthy, and taking the easy way out. Think back to some starting qb’s that have failed and the words associated with them are always the same. Not willing to put the work in, untrustworthy, and a feeling of entitlement. Terrelle would do himself some good if he could separate from all the people telling him how much money he could make, and how they will get him (and themselves) paid. I understand quick money is a big lure to a young athlete, but longevity and some good life lessons are priceless. Again, all he really needs to do is read the long list of athletes who grabbed the quick and easy buck and where they are now. Most of them are broke, in jail, or worse. They are also there alone, because once the money dries up, the Drew Rosenhaus’ of the world are nowhere to be found.
I wish both men luck in their future endeavors, and hope they find true happiness in life. Right know I believe they are both on the wrong path, and need to grow up quickly.

Those are my thoughts…now I’d like to hear yours

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