Wednesday Whammies: DeSean - A Jackass With Eagle Feathers!

What do you get when you cross an Eagle with a Jackass? Why, DeSean Jackson, of course. Andy Reid will more than likely be bald after the offseason and lockout come to a close. Having to sit back and listen to the inordinately immature remarks that continue to emanate from his juvenile players can only leave him pulling every single strand of hair out of his head. The latest bird to tweet his feathers off is none other than DeSean Jackson.

With Jackson, it really isn’t a matter of if he will flap his gums. It is a matter of when. DeSean has been quite taken with himself since last season and has been quite vocal about it. Alas, like many Eagles, he just doesn’t know when to keep his beak shut.

In his latest burst of stupidity, DJackass insulted a man calling into a radio show on SiriusXM (that I am not going to spend a second promoting) by flaming him with vicious, homosexual slurs. You can listen to it below:

Jackson’s remarks were made on June 30th. The grapevine seems to have worked a bit slow with this nasty bit of business. The pots have only just begun to stir. On Friday, DeMoron Tweeted Defollowing,


If that weren’t enough he added,


After a grammar lesson, and probably a few calls from his PR people and legal team, he offered the following: ”

I am sorry for using words that I know to be hurtful and unacceptable in a recent radio interview. Intolerance is unacceptable and I apologize to anyone I have offended. I have made a mistake and would like to make it clear that words I used meant no disrespect to the Gay and Lesbian community.”

How quickly the militant, urban speak dissipates.

It is going to be an interesting year, if there is one, for Andy Reid. His players are already knee deep in drama that will come into play on the field. LeSean McCoy’s comments directed at Osi Umenyiora caused a lot of controversy and fueled a new hatred between a Super Bowl veteran and a relative rookie. DeKnucklehead’s despicable, over the top anti-gay insults will undoubtedly leave a bad taste in many a mouth throughout Philadelphia as well as the rest of the country.

This will be Reid’s 19th season as a coach in the NFL. He is one of the best and a class act. His players, however, not so much. Will he be able to reign in the jejune jackwads on his team? Perhaps…but doubtful. DeHomophobe is on his way to join the likes of Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, to name a few, in the locker room cancer category. The difference between him and the likes of TO and Moss can be seen in the video below:

I love Wednesdays!

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  • JenAllman

    it’s moments like these that continue to make me eternally grateful i was not brainwashed into being an eagles fan. i like your comment about andy reid, definitely a classy guy. but his team does tend to attract obnoxious players that can’t stay out of trouble or keep their mouths shut, and i can’t help but wonder why. playing your best football isn’t enough, you have to play the political game as well, just like any other job.

  • gmenhq

    I like Reid — a great coach. Would be incredible if he had Tom Coughlin’s record or challenging calls and clock management in the 4th quarter of close games though. Hard to be perfect at any level.

    Jackson — I felt a lot of respect for him when he went on the View or whatever it was and gave that kid who had been bullied an autgraphed jersey off his back. Thought that was really good of him to do.

    As for trash talking and rufflling feathers in a classless way — that’s philly for you man! What do they call it? Filth-a-delphia?

  • gmenhq

    Philly — don’t get me wrong I love the city and the energy, have family there and used to go to Phillies games all the time and still they are my NL team, Yankees being my AL, but you woudn’t catch me anywhere near an Eagles game wearing blue on Sundays. Something about the Eagles brings out the worst… can’t explain it. People are classless nuts in that town for that team, the culture surrounding the birds is really something else. Its fortified by the media there in a lot of ways, the culture of the fanbase is almost egged on by the spectacle that surrounds the Philadelphia Eagles – including the attitude and action of the very players of the organization. A vicious cycle as it were.

  • SeanTheGman

    @JenAllman I think the chances of me switching to a new favorite football team. when they brought Vick in, are about 101%. The other loud mouths on this team make things that much worse. I do feel sorry for Filthadelphians in that respect. I would hate to have these guys on my team.

  • SeanTheGman

    @gmenhq Here is some sage advice: do not wear any NY Giants memorabilia, or any other sport competitor, in Philly when ordering cheesesteaks/food. Just sayin. ; 0 )

  • gmenhq

    hahaha — of course I would never do that. But one thing maybe Eagles fans and I can agree on, I’m all about Pats.

  • SeanTheGman

    @gmenhq Pats is good. One who is underrated is Jim’s. They do it up nice there too!