Preseason Power Rankings

One of my favorite columns to read and write about is the Power Rankings because there is no right or wrong. It is all based on opinions and can lead to endless debate. I realize that a preseason Power Ranking is even more useless than normal, but since put one together, I felt it was time for me to get back to sharing where the NFC East falls in the rankings, as well as the teams that are relevant to the Giants. In this case, we will drag in those teams the Gmen will face in the beginning of the season.

New York Giants – 11 (12)

“Missing the playoffs for a second consecutive year is not an option for Tom Coughlin.”

It’s playoffs or bust for the boys in blue, and in keeping this in mind I am lukewarm about their free agency moves these last couple of weeks. Signing Bradshaw was huge, and I like their changes on the o-line and in playing hardball with Osi. And I will be forever grateful that there is a new punter in town. But Steve Smith hasn’t been signed yet and they let Boss walk. I hear the arguments that there can be positives from losing these guys, I am just not buying it yet.

Philadelphia Eagles – 3 (7)

“Only one thing will make this season a success — winning the franchise’s first Vince Lombardi Trophy.”

No surprise that ESPN has jumped on the Eagles bandwagon with all their big moves in free agency. I am not saying these moves haven’t made me nervous, but I believe championship teams are built in the draft. Moreover, all these big names aside, this is Michael Vick’s team, and wins will fall on his shoulders first. In many ways he is at risk for a sophomore slump, and if this happens alongside his high injury rate, this team may not be as scary as we think.

Dallas Cowboys – 16 (18)

“It will be interesting to see Rob Ryan’s effect on the Cowboys’ defense.”

This is the first time in recent memory that the NFC East hasn’t been handed to the Cowboys before the season starts. And with good reason. This has been a quiet time for them as they have been working to free up cap space (or maybe we can’t hear what they are doing over the noise in Philly). Romo will be back after a nasty injury, so we have to wonder how long it will take him to shake the cobwebs. And now that Jason Garrett has part of a season under his belt as head coach we will all see what he and his team is actually capable of in the first few weeks.

Washington Redskins – 29 (26)

“In a few more weeks, Mike Shanahan might wish he had kept Donovan McNabb.”

They made the moves we all knew they would make: sending McNabb and Haynesworth packing, resigning Santana Moss. They are in a major rebuilding year, plain and simple. They have many holes that need to be filled and should spend the season getting back to basics and building on whatever positives come out of each game.

St. Louis Rams – 15 (17)

“Sam Bradford, Josh McDaniels a compelling combination for the Rams.”

Skipping over preseason and week one against the Redskins, the Giants will face Spags and Co. in their home opener. This should be a fun game if you, like me, still miss our old defense coordinator. Nothing against Fewell of course, I am a fan of his too!

Arizona Cardinals 21 (28)

“Kevin Kolb’s arrival restores hope at quarterback, but time will tell whether Kolb’s the answer.”

Week four got a whole lot more interesting with the arrival of Kevin Kolb in Arizona. He hasn’t had much opportunity to show what he can do, but he did spend several years on the Eagles, watching and studying the Giants. It has all the makings of a breakout game for him, so we need to hope that the scene of Super Bowl XLII still has some Giant magic left.

Stay tuned to Gmen HQ each week for regular Power Ranking updates, and feel free to comment below.

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  • gmenhq

    “I hear the arguments that there can be positives from losing these guys, I am just not buying it yet.”

    Here’s the deal – using more 2 TE sets where they are FORCED with their current personel to use them as receivers is going to help the offense. More deception, less telegraphing the play call, more stretching the field and creating problems for defenses, and it ultimately aids the run game because on any given play — you dont know if they will pass or run. I like the notion in concept, in practice and in prime time — we’ll see.

  • vinnzo

    @giantsbuzztap The Giants will be NFC East Champs – all players will step up and beat hyped PHI and lethargic DAL and WAS

  • vinnzo

    @giantsbuzztap NYG No 1 ahead of GB and NO in NFC

  • JenAllman

    i totally agree with that, i have been saying for years that the offense needs more deception, it drives me crazy how predictable a gilbride offense can be. but all of that was possible with boss, he just wasnt utilized to his full potential. it sort of feels like we are starting from scratch now. we will see with time how pascoe and beckum fair under this system, whereas with boss we would have known from week one that he was up for the challenge.

    plus, i have little faith in gilbride that he is actually capable of putting together a more deceptive game plan. so yes, concept is good, in practice we will see.

  • gmenhq

    @JenAllman we arent starting from scratch- beckum and boss together with manningham and nicks clearing the zone out deep really benefitted the entire offense. I think Beckum is only going to get more looks with Boss out — but without those 2 guys last year catching balls, not blocking, they wouldnt have won a couple games. Pascoe has hands, this new FB looks to be the part in terms of blocking and pass catching, and Beckum has speed and hands and I think the offense that has emerged the last couple of seasons will stay on track. If Eli hits beckum more that really spreads out the offense and stretches the defense. with the run game the way it looked last year between both Bradshaw and Jacobs, the Giants will have that fully dynamic offense weve been wanting for so long and have seen signs that it has been emerging. Gilbride’s calls on first and third downs aside sometimes — I think he really has done a good job of installing a complex but deceptive and interwoven offense between all the moving parts. Eli has had great passing and TD numbers since nicks and manningham have come on, and I wouldnt trade the 2010 offense for the 2008 offense any day of the week. twice on sundays. it looks so much better now as a product its unbelievable. all Eli needs to do is minimize those mistakes, poor decisions, and check it down a bit more and away we go.