One Way The Giants Could Stick It To The Eagles....

In a way, the Giants started this whole mess with Steve Smith. Last year if you recall, LT Shawn Andrews was scooped up by the Giants away from the Eagles, and make no mistake he was largely respected in Philadelphia even when he went out with back problems. Eagles fans still love him, despite the chronic injuries in fact. If you follow him on twitter as I do, you know that he’s still immensely popular in Philly. So the Giants signed him to a 1 year contract and Andrews played well in a supporting role on the offensive line. He’s due $7 million this year, and hasn’t been re-signed by anyone yet for the 2011 season.

That takes us to today, and the Eagles signing Steve Smith out from under the Giants. Tit for tat some might say, but Smith is well respected in both NY and Philly, and probably always will be. So a retaliation move of sorts for the Andrews signing, the Eagles are seen hedging their bets here to not only see what Smith can do for them, especially if Maclin isn’t going to get any better with his mystery illness, but also guarantee Smith wont be playing for the Giants at the same time. It was a pretty lucid business decision by the Eagles front office I must say.

Now. The Giants could stand here and take it lying down, or they can get out there and do something about it by taking away another free agent the Eagles secretly covet…. MLB Kirk Morrison.

It’s no secret that the Giants have a largely unproven LB unit, and fans have been calling for Morrison for some time. But in a way the Eagles are even worse off. They dont have a Kiwanuka or a Boley, they’ve got very young and very unproven pseudo-talent. The cutting of Stewart Bradley from the roster is a huge blow to the leadership and vision of that Eagle defense, and I have no doubt they’d love to sign a veteran MLB to shore up the middle of their defense. The Giants have an opportunity to out-play the Eagles at their own game here, and provide some veteran depth at MLB while their at it. In fact, I’m not sure what priority comes first here realistically but after the Steve Smith incident, I’m willing to place spite first ahead of actual needs.

GM Jerry Reese – take a good hard look at Kirk Morrison and give Jon Goff a bit of competition here on out from a seasoned veteran that the Eagles secretly want to sign. Play the game right along with them, and bolster the Giants defense while you’re at it. So what do you say? Kirk Morrison to the Giants so he won’t sign with the Birds?

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  • PatrickIlnicki

    You are assuming there are funds available to sign free agents…really?

  • dmckay15

    So, let’s review. Shawn Andrews signed with a division rival and the eagles fans still love him. Jayson Werth signed with a division rival and the Philles fans still love him. Steve Smith signed with a division rival and the Giants fans call him the N-word, a faggot and wish harm to him and his family. Stay classy, you Giants fans!

  • Tennessee Jedi


    1) Andrews is HATED in Philly. HATED. He is seen as a lazy , over paid nut case by the fans here.How could you not no that ?

    2) Andrews was released by the Birds – not “scooped up” by the G Men. Birds dont let talent go – See Donny Mac situation as proof. Andrews was always hurt and acted like a nut. Coach was done with his act.

    You say he played well in a supporting role – that maybe the case but what kind of back up is paid $ 7 mill a year ???

    3) instead of trying to screw with Birds how about you just focus on winning ? Step one get Osi back in the fold … No D and the G Men will be awful.

    Dude do some research – when you graduate High School you wont be able to get away with crap like this.



  • gmenhq

    @Tennessee Jedi when I graduate, thats funny.

  • gmenhq

    @dmckay15 an eagles fans trying to knock another fanbase about class…. now ive seen it all. just stop kidding yourselves down there in filth-adelpha….