Pryor Goes To The Raiders

Al Davis has done it again. You never really know what goes through the mind of that man and today the Raiders pulled off another move that seems shocking now but actually, kind of, maybe, makes a little sense…

They drafted Terrelle Pryor in the third round of today’s supplemental draft. That means they pick up a quarterback/wide receiver that could be worth more than a third round pick, if he develops properly. The Raiders are giving up their third round pick in next year’s 2012 NFL Draft for the right to select Pryor today and now they don’t have picks in rounds 2, 3, and 4 in next year’s draft.

As for Pryor, the Raiders quarterback situation is a little iffy. Jason Campbell has the tools to be an effective quarterback but has injury concerns and we really don’t know if he’s got the talent to be a star at the position. Kyle Boller and Trent Edwards are on the depth chart so either one might be cut if the Raiders start to develop Pryor as a quarterback and not any other position, once he’s back from his five game suspension to start the season. But, for a guy who’s 6’6, 230+ pounds and can run a 4.40 40-yard dash, there’s a lot he could be able to do on the field if put at another position such as wideout.

Raiders head coach Hue Jackson is going to have some fun with him. It might take a few years to see if this pick was worth it or if he joins a long list of
Raiders’ quarterbacks of the future that went nowhere.

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