Pre-Season or Super Bowl?

With all the hype about this weeks game between the New York Football Giants and jets at Giants Stadium you would think it actually counted for something.  While the game is a key proving ground, and maybe even a last effort at making the roster, it is still a pre-season contest.  The Giants are at a huge disadvantage having played Monday night, practiced for three days, with a Union Break in between, and now are scheduled for an early afternoon contest.  What makes it worse is the team on the other side thinks it’s February and that winning this game gives them some sort of crown.  Again I invite them all across the parking lot to the Timex Center to see what Three Super Bowl Trophies look like.  Although Rex Ryan has guaranteed victory in the last two years, and of course again this year, these are actual Super Bowl Trophies given out by the league.  The Jets will blitz all night, they will throw many, many passes to their fragile wideout Plaxico Burress, and they will do anything to secure a victory in this pre-season meaningless game.  But worry not Jets fans, if you don’t win, like last year, you can find some reason to celebrate.  You always do.

For the Giants this is a good place to practice the running game, work on blitz pick-up, and look at some options for nickel back, and third down receiver.  With all the blitzing the Jets will do, the receivers will need to know their reads, and the backs will need to know their protection along with the Offensive line.  It really will be a good test on that front considering the Cowboys, Redskins, and Eagles will seek to employ the same tactics on defense once the season begins.  The key here is to get some work in, see some players for the past time, and as always get out healthy.

The game has been moved to 2p.m. as previously published here at, and now will be aired live on the NFL Network.  Enjoy the game!

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