The Voice of the Fan: Kevin Gilbride Must Go

I had the pleasure of obtaining tickets to Monday Night’s – Giants vs. Rams game. It was great to be at  opening night, and to share the experience with true die hard fans.

What I noticed through my scattered chit-chat and banter was one thing every Giants fan agreed on — Kevin Gilbride needs to go.

You can call him Captain Draw Play, Mr. Screen Pass, or “The Drive Killer”. All of these nicknames are suitable for the Giants offensive coordinator.  

He might be the most predictable coordinator in all of the NFL.

Trickery? Dream on. Utilizing Bradshaw and Jacobs properly? Not since the Super Bowl run. Stunting Eli’s growth? Yep, he does that just fine.

"Ok, Eli we are going to send Jacobs up the gut." "Coach, its 3rd and 12"

The 3 biggest boo’s I heard out of Mondays game were for Eli Manning, Kevin Gilbride, and Aaron Ross. All are warranted. But I do believe that the reason Eli has looked the way he has the last 2 years comes down to Gilbride’s play calling. He stripped the confidence Eli had after the Super Bowl win (along with a Plax gun shot), and has made him look like a turnover machine.

Every time the Giants get a 3rd down, I cringe. Will Brandon Jacobs get stopped again? Will the screen pass to Bradshaw actually work? Is Eli going to through the ball into the chest… of the opposing team? The fact that I think of these scenarios all the time is because they always happen. Gilbride is a plain jane coordinator who has turned Eli into a plain jane quarterback.

If the Giants plan to go anywhere this year, and the future,then they need to fire Gilbride. Jerry Reese rarely listens to the fans and rightly so, but this is a no-brainer.

If Gilbride goes, so does the offense. And by going, I mean in the right direction. Do us all a favor Jerry, pull out the pink slip.

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