What They Say...Week 6 Power Rankings

I had visions of analysts revelling in the fact that they could plummet the Giants into the bowls of their power rankings this week after a terrible performance against the Seahawks. It’s always painful to read, even when it’s deserved.

But have faith readers, the rankings aren’t as bad as you might expect. Although National Football Post did drop them four spots to number 12, most others were not as tough on the boys in blue.

The Giants Across the Board

 Fox Sports: 16(14)

Coming off a surprising loss to a Seahawks team that had failed to generate much offense coming into the game. Equally surprising was the lack of running game generated against a not-so-special Seattle defense. Eli Manning’s 420 yards passing are great, but not if you throw three picks in the process.

Well, I appreciate that Fox felt the Giants should have played better. The running game is scary right now, there is no excuse for the lack of production. Blame injuries if you want for this week, but this unit hasn’t produced all season.

CBS Sports 11(10)

Why is it that they play well when it’s not expected, but seem to stumble when they’re supposed to win?

The trap game theory is real, that’s why. Everyone said last week against the Cardinals was their trap game, but I guess they had a delayed reaction.

NFL Mocks: 16(14)

Two things you can be sure of: the Giants are not playoff bound this year if they can’t even control the Seahawks pathetic offense. Everybody who questioned the Jason Pierre Paul pick (myself included) are dead wrong! That guy is a monster. He has 7 sacks this season and 28 tackles as well as 3 passes defensed and numerous pressures. He’s long, fast, strong, and has a good motor. They also seem to have found their #2 WR moving forward as Victor Cruz has shown a knack for being a “gamer’, and he continues to make big plays week in and week out.

It’s way too early to start counting them out of the playoffs. Traditionally the Giants have needed to be humbled by a bad team in order to turn the corner. This is their chance to get that chip on their shoulder back in place.

Pro Football Talk: 13(9)

The presence of copious amounts of pink at MetLife Stadium was followed by heavy consumption of copious amounts of a certain pink liquid by Tom Coughlin after the game.

…and fans everywhere.

Some more relevant rankings via National Football Post:

Buffalo Bills: 7 (4-1, week 6)

My parents bought me tickets to this game for my birthday, which is in August, thinking we were pretty likely to see our team win in person. Now we are nervous, and really hoping they get it together and put the memory of the Seattle game out of everyone’s minds.

Bye Week: 1

Injuries will plague this team all season, that much is clear. But everyone benefits from some time off, and that’s why I rank the bye week at number one!

Miami Dolphins: 30 (0-4, week 8 )

It just keeps getting worse for the Dolphins, and now their QB is done for the season. Then again, sometimes a change in this position boosts a team. Still, this is one of the few soft games left in the Giants’ schedule, so they need to come out strong after the bye.

New England Patriots: 2 (4-1, week 9)

They beat the rival Jets, and continue to win, even with a lousy defense. Eli has it in him to pick them apart, and hopefully the running game will have found its legs by then.

San Francisco 49ers: 9 (4-1, week 10)

That wasn’t a game against the Bucs, it was a massacre. When did this team get this good?

Philadelphia Eagles: 21 (1-4, week 11)

The Giants have their issues, but we can all take heart in the fact that the Eagles’ troubles are way worse. Reminds me of the Cowboys from a year ago, who were also practically handed a Super Bowl win before preseason. That and a bucket of popcorn will get you a 1-4 start.

Dallas Cowboys: 13 (2-2, week 14)

Then again, the anointing seems to continue for the Cowboys. They ascended six spots on their bye week and have been dubbed “the team to beat in the NFC East when they get healthy” by NFP. I guess they never look better than when they aren’t playing.

Washington Redskins: 11 (3-1, week 15)

They face the Eagles this Sunday. I don’t like either team so am hoping for a tie.

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