Santana Moss Comments Mark Beginning Of The End For Redskins?

Santana Moss made some interesting comments about who the starting QB should be for the Redskins after John Beck replaced Rex Grossman after his 4th interception yesterday against the Eagles.

via the Washington Examiner:

“That’s something that shouldn’t even be asked. He deserves another shot. [Michael] Vick threw four picks last week and came back and played a hell of a game this week. Tom Brady threw four two weeks ago. I feel for the flow of the game yesterday it worked. It got a spark by bringing [John] Beck in. That’s the luxury when you have two good quarterbacks. Beck can come in and do his thing when you need him, but I feel like you can’t give up on a guy because he had a bad outing.”

So basically, Moss believes Rex is the better QB. But after a very inconsistent start for Grossman where he’s racked up 11 turnovers to just 6 TD passes — the Redskins need to decide what they’d rather have. Another QB benching controversy or another non-competitive 2011 football season.

Look, I like the Redskins. I’m not a fan per se but I like them much, much more than the Cowboys and Eagles. I live in the D.C. area and it’s hard not to follow a local team when you live and work among those loyal to the team. I’ve been to several games, it’s always a good time. So I can say with little defection from the local fan base that people down here don’t believe Grossman is the answer. Never have. Forgive the Favre-ism, but in fact I was surprised Beck wasn’t inserted earlier into the system.

Heading into the season, no one thought Grossman would be the starting QB. And to say he was on a short leash this season would be an understatement. He wasn’t going to be the QB this year until he had a very good preseason — that’s the only reason he’s playing. Hindsight is 20/20, we all know that. But we all know what it means when someone shouts out “IT’S PRESEASON”! The game the Redskins just lost is much more indicative of the playmaking abilities that Grossman possesses than the games they’ve won with Rex under center. Even after the wins — all you hear on local sports talk radios is how everyone’s just waiting for that big implosion moment where the REAL Rex Grossman shows his head. You started to see it against Dallas, now it’s in plain view for everyone to see and openly question. Not good.

And while these comments by Santana Moss are supportive, compassionate, and the right thing to do from a teammate’s perspective… realistically if the Redskins don’t move to Beck now it will be too little too late when that eventual certainty does come to pass. Grossman has gotten worse every game, the schedule isn’t getting any easier, and it’s going to be a tight race in the NFC East for control of a playoff spot from the looks of things. Washington will need a steady hand/arm to right the ship in D.C., and right now Grossman has not proven that he possess the tangible talent nor the unwavering leadership intangibles to get the job done. And it’s at the point for the coaching staff where continuing forward with Grossman at the starting QB is going to forever taint the Mike Shanahan era in Washington.

Tough shoes to be in right now if you’re in D.C. and your last name happens to be Shanahan.

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